First Trimester Favorites

I’m gonna be honest. The first trimester was not fun. Without letting this turn into a paragraph of complaints, it was not exactly what I expected. I guess because most people don’t tell anyone that they are expecting in the first trimester, you hear less about their experiences.  There were moments where I was so tired I didn’t want to wash the shampoo out of my own hair in the shower, days where I was so emotional that Zach (poor Zach) had literally no idea what to do or say, and there was an all around feeling of “yuck” that followed me around all day. Now, I know every experience and pregnancy is different, and I won’t complain because someone out there has it way better than me and someone has it way worse. However, if we’re being honest, it wasn’t the best 3 months of my life. I have been trying to embrace it and find new ways to deal with this new body, mind, and life of mine, and have found some products/items that made the first trimester a little more pleasant.

first trimester must haves

1. Smoothies – I felt pretty nauseous the entire first trimester and when I did feel like eating I craved horribly bad foods. Not necessarily junk food, but food with minimal nutritional value. Pasta, bagels, anything with cheese on it, bread sticks, pizza. Enter smoothies. I got really into these because they are cold, sweet, and do an amazing job at hiding all of the healthy stuff that your pregnant self refuses to eat. I found a bunch of great recipes online and used my magic bullet. You can also make these super fast with very little prep work because when your body is making a baby you don’t have a ton of energy for cooking.

2. BPA free plastic Tumbler  – You’re supposed to drink a ton of water when you are pregnant. This is hard for me. I have never been a huge water drinker. It’s not that I don’t like water because honestly, I love it. I just have a hard time making the habit of drinking 8 glasses a day. The end of the day will come and I will be like “oh shoot, I have had no water today!” and then I chug a bunch before bed. When I found out I was pregnant I decided to get one of these little tumblers to bring with me everywhere so that I had no excuse. It has honestly helped so much! I fill it before work in the morning and drink it throughout the day. Even if I’m just running out shopping it is nice to have water with me!

3. really good bra! So, when you are pregnant something super weird happens. (well, a million super weird things happen but this one really took me by surprise) So when you are pregnant I  swear the force of gravity literally triples. (prepare for TMI, dad/men stop reading) My boobs are not much bigger but they feel like they weigh like 10 times as much as they used to. Anyway – this is not the time for cheapy bras. Get a good one that will make you feel hot and keep the girls where they should be. It’s kind of an emotional and “frumpy” time so perky boobs are gold at this point.

4. Concealer!!!! Woo – this saved my life the past 3 months. When I found out I was pregnant, my mother-in-law told me point blank, “You will experience an exhaustion like you have never known.” I was like ‘yeah, okay, I’ve been tired before. I have pulled an all nighter, I have studied through college, I have gone to a concert in Cleveland and worked at 6am the next day, I got this.’ A couple more weeks passed and let me tell you, I didn’t get it. Like not at all. I feel like an idiot for thinking that I would feel “tired” like I had in the past. It is not just tired. It feels like you are hungover with the flu and you also haven’t slept ever.  I could have pulled my car over and taken a nap. I slept the minute I got home from work. I would get dressed and ready for work and then sleep until the second I had to leave. This left me looking, well, super exhausted. On top of the dark circles from being exhausted my skin really broke out! Like worse than all of my teenage years combined.  Concealer to the rescue! I didn’t have a lot of energy for makeup these past couple months (says the makeup artist) but if I had time for one thing in the morning it was concealer.

5. iPhone. Let me start by saying I am no iPhone snob. I don’t even care much about having a phone. I love not being attached to it but while pregnant an iPhone can be pretty handy. My google history looks a little something like this: Can I eat seaweed? What can I eat at Subway? Pregnant pain in side, Pregnant lower back pain, Can I eat peanut butter?, Can I have soy? Gestational diabetes? —  and those are the non-embarassing ones. It is so awesome and also horrible to have Google in your pocket every day. But overall I love being able to quickly find out the answer to any question I had and to read up on any new baby developments. The pregnancy and baby apps on the iPhone are especially awesome, my favourite being the one by Baby Centre. Every night we read about the new developments or check something off their awesome pregnancy to-do list.

6. Mascara! Right up there with concealer. This made me look wide awake each day. It took 3 seconds and made me feel like a woman instead of a frumpy troll who hadn’t slept in 100 years. Pregnant lady must have!

7. Leggings. Ohhhhh leggings. I thought I loved you before. I have reached a whole new level of love for leggings. Perfect for my growing belly and practical for impromptu naps. I have a feeling leggings will be on every “favourites” list from here on out.

8. Pre-Natal Vitamins. When I started taking pre-natal vitamins (before I was pregnant) I learned the hard way that unless taken with a large meal I would pay the price. These things killed my stomach and made me way more nauseous. I tried a new brand and played around with the time of day that I took them and now they don’t affect me at all. Yay! Good for me and baby!

Thanks for checking out my first trimester faves! Excited to move into the second trimester that I have heard so much about.

Fellow moms, pregnant friends. What were some of your first trimester favourites? What was your overall experience like for the first 3 months? I know everyone’s experience is different, but it’s fun and encouraging to share stories!



3 thoughts on “First Trimester Favorites

  1. Oh girlie, taking the words right out of my mouth. I’m pretty sure we had the same first tri. I told my OB I was so afraid the baby was gonna come out looking like a bagel toasted with cheese!!
    Energy levels go up a bit, food problems still happen, boobs get heavier, & emotions get stronger. All for the precious life blooming inside. What a wonder this whole experience is!!

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