Shopping for Baby Havens

Zach and I haven’t 100% decided if we are going to find out the gender of the baby. It is the first question anyone asks us and we usually say it’s going to be a surprise but I’m still back and forth. Im 90% sure we will leave it to be a surprise. We are just those kind of people. (We tried to not kiss for like 2 weeks before our wedding to build the anticipation haha) Neither of us are type A and while I LOVE shopping and preparing, I love surprises more. I see the merit in both sides, and trust me, when I’m standing in baby gap I have literally prayed, “God, just tell me right now what I am having, give me a sign, let a onesie fly off the shelf in the gender of the baby I am having.” Don’t judge me – sometimes I am straight up desperate to know.

In the meantime, we have been doing a little gender neutral shopping. Zach and I have similar tastes when it comes to fashion/baby fashion. And while it has been hard not buying gender specific items (I have caved a couple of times), we have been blessed to find things we love and at amazing prices! We are both into unique items and items that look like adult clothing. Essentially anything we would wear. All baby clothing is cute – we just like more neutral and plain pieces. Pieces like that are  easier to go for when you don’t know the sex.

I thought I would post some things we have got so far. It’s not a lot. We are taking it really slow, and we’re moving soon so we don’t want to store too much stuff up until after the move.

The first item was actually a gift from some of our best friends Ron and Natalie Young. I have literally wanted these forever (yes, before I knew I was pregnant). I saw them on Jessica Garvin’s blog and fell in love! They are baby Minnetonkas and I am obsessed. Not 100% sure how old a baby is when it fits into size 3 shoes, but I already can’t wait! Thanks Natalie and Ron – you read my mind!!baby mocs

I got these adorable sparkle shoes at Old Navy. Yes they are for girls but both my sister is also pregnant right now, so someone is bound to have a girl! They are 3-6 months so perfect for fall, and they were 40% off of $3.99!!! I would have got 5 pairs if there were any more! So adorable, wish they came in my size. sparkle shoes baby

Last, and my personal favourite, is this bad ass tiger onesie I got from H&M for $7.99. I instantly feel in love with this and searched for a wolf one, but no luck. I would pair it with coloured skinny jeans and a cardigan for both a boy or a girl. tiger onesie

We also picked up our crib and change table from Target in the states because they had an awesome deal on, and we loved the modern style of the crib. I have heard a ton of different things about how a change table is a total waste, but when we bought our crib it was “Buy a crib and get the matching change table FREE,” so we went for it. I’m gonna save the pictures for a nursery/nursery inspiration post later on!

Anyway, that’s all I have so far! I’m actually super proud of myself for not going overboard just yet! Zara opens up their online shopping this month, so we will see how well this goes. Gonna take some serious self control!

What are your favourite baby stores? Any good online sites? Help a shopaholic sister out!



4 thoughts on “Shopping for Baby Havens

  1. Hey lady!

    1.) I use my change table every day…. Don’t worry you guys will use it enough to justify it being FREE :)

    2.) if you have a boy….. Ugh…. Shopping is so tough… Baby Gap, Baby Zara and H&M are the only stores…. All I can say is ONLINE..ONLINE..ONLINE!!! Lol

    Oh… And if you come into town here come with me to Kids Hollywood in Oakville… It has all of the Baby Burberry, Marc Jacobs Baby, Stella McCartney Kids, D&G Kids, LaCoste Baby, Baby sized Uggs, Hunters…etc you can imagine….. (that’s where I got all of Hunters Burberry stuff from) the store is amazing!

    3.) one word of advise so far I’ve learned…. Don’t invest too much in too trendy of clothes until he/she is at least 2-3 months…. You will prefer onesies in the beginning… And stay away from SKINNY JEANS or CORDS for the first 3 months…. Hunter has like 15 pairs in all colours from gifts from people…. He hates them, they are hard to put on and hard to get around changing diapers with.


  2. I too am a shop-a-holic hense the reason I did everything possible to find out the gender. Good on you for the SUPRISE. I also like adult styles on my kids. Neve been into Dora and Lightning McQueen. Lol
    I shopped Gap, Gymboree, children’s place, H and M and mexx. Mexx has 50% enitre store twice a year. Always the week before christmas and sometime in the spring.
    Online there is RUUM which is a branch of American eagle. Sales can be awesome

    I have always trusted osh kosh ever since Kendall was born (almost 18 years ago) an that along with Carter’s can be found at Bonnie Togs (located in westmount mall and in Hyde park)
    Happy shopping…. I’m jealous ;)

  3. Very cute! Clothes shopping is the thing that makes it so hard to not find out what you are having. Not to worry though, once that little bundle arrives you will receive so many little out fits you’ll be wondering how they will be able to wear them all. The large increase in laundry will answer that question! I like the surprise too. As I’m sure you are discovering, there are enough “Oh! I didn’t know that was going to happen when I was pregnant.” surprises that you may as well have one you know you’re looking forward to. I’m sure you and Zack will find some way to make not knowing fun, if you decide to stay that course. Either way, I’m excitedly waiting to meet Baby Havens. Love Jenn

  4. I love this blog & I will say, your Uncle Rick & I opted for the surprise of both Courtney & Tyler. It’s the best surprise of your life, besides getting engaged:) We painted Courtney’s room yellow (gender neutral) with animal bedding. When Tyler came along, we moved Courtney into her more girly room, and kept the babies rooms for Tyler, as it was gender neutral.

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