My Favourite Baby/Lifestyle/Mom Blogs – Part 1

Confession: Long before I was engaged I was obsessed really into wedding blogs (Still am to be honest). I knew who my photographer would be a year before we were engaged. I had a dream of being featured on my favourite wedding blog and our wedding totally was! I still read wedding blogs all the time but a couple of years after we got married I discovered pregnancy/family/baby blogs and fell in love. I wasn’t ready for a child but I loved reading them. Baby pictures and gear are super cute and some of these moms are freaking hilarious.

Particularity I loved the ones that featured maternity fashion. Fashion, cute babies, cute pregos, adorable nurseries. Mix it all together and I’m up until 3 am with a bag of ruffles chips and some onion dip. (That’s good for the baby right?!)

I have put together a list of some of my favourite blogs for you to check out!  Some of the writers have had their babies now and it has become more of a lifestyle/family/fashion blog but if you look back into the archives you will find the maternity fashion/baby posts. Swoon. I also LOVE hearing about other good blogs so please let me know if there are any you love that I should check out!

(Obviously, like more than half of the people reading this would rather do anything than read a strangers pregnancy blog and that is totally cool! I just know a whole lotta pregnant people right now and I thought someone might be looking for some late night reading material! Enjoy!)

Little Baby Garvin – mentioned this one before but honestly, the cutest baby alive. This kid dresses nicer than me! It also features some awesome DIY projects. The best part, the writer is obsessed with any and every holiday! (an obsession I too share) Her holiday decorating and cute ideas are so fun and make me extra pumped every time a holiday rolls around! The writing is hilarious, honest and real!


Casual Glamorous – My style twin. I wear mostly shades. Grey, Black. Navy. Brown. Beige. Burgundy is about as colorful as it gets in my life and I always feel bad for it but I found this blog while she was pregnant and was in love with her effortless chic maternity style! Scroll back a bit to find her maternity posts and God, PLEASE let me look that hot when I’m 8 months pregnant.


Cara Loren – This girl is an actual freak of nature. Maybe reading her blog will help me look half this good after having a baby. Smoking hotness aside, she is super fashionable but the real star is her son Hanes. He has the cutest baby boy style ever! Such awesome inspiration if my little one is a boy! Love her blog!


Grey Likes Baby – This is a TOP fave! Author of one of my favourite wedding blogs (Grey Likes Weddings) comes Grey Likes Baby. She features other couples newborn shoots, maternity shoots, nurseries, baby showers and other random design ideas. A world of inspiration and adorableness!


The Honeybee – Andee has awesome personal style and an adorable baby! I love her blog because along with baby cutness she includes a lot of healthy recipes, makeup looks and fitness inspiration for mamas.


Those are about half of my current favourites. A part 2 post is on its way soon!

What are your favourite blogs? Pregnancy/Baby or otherwise? Please share!



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