21/22 Week Update – Halfway There!

You know when you honestly can’t decide if something feels like a longer or shorter period of time than it actually was. That’s exactly how I feel. 21 weeks seems like it has taken forever, but at the same time I feel like I just found out I was pregnant. Word on the street is that the second half crawls by and I’ll be dying for this to be over and for our baby to be here but for now I’m just going to relax and enjoy it.

Worst picture quality! Sorry friends!

21 weeks

The halfway mark is pretty exciting and also makes me kinda nervous. Should I have things  more prepared by now? Should we have settled on names? Should I have taken more photos?

Honestly, before I was pregnant I had this idea in my head of how I would handle it. I thought I would be this all-star blogger and do such an amazing job at documenting the whole thing. I thought I would get really into exercising and eating healthy. I thought I would pick up my good camera more often and prepare my photography skills for when the baby comes. But I am coming to realize that I’m still me. I still hate hate hate working out, I eat pretty much the same (which really isn’t bad by the way) and, I still suck at photography. I think its important to be realistic. I could beat myself up about not getting each and every week of this baby bump photographed but in the end it’s not because I was sitting on the couch. It’s because there were far more exciting and fun things to be doing. I had this thought in my head of “this could be the only time I get to be pregnant” and I had planned to be this super woman of pregnancy and honestly it’s not like that.

Sure, I have changed, but the changes are emotional, and spiritual and a gradual maturing and gaining of knowledge. All qualities that I deem far more important to my family than taking gorgeous photos or not missing a beat with this baby bump. I might miss a workout and gain more than so and so gained during her pregnancy. I might not capture every single moment on camera and need to keep some memories the old-fashioned way, in my mind but as long as I’m happy, healthy, and growing in my marriage, friendships and relationship with God then everything else can wait.

Enough rambling. Update time!

How far along? 21 Weeks. 22 Tomorrow.

Total weight gain/loss:  8 lbs
Maternity clothes?: Yes. Tights, some jeans. Mostly I like non-maternity clothes that will work with my ever-growing belly. I love long stretch tanks from H&M and I bought a couple of maxi dresses for this summer. I’m just buying a size up for now.
Stretch marks? Not yet, been using organic coconut oil and sweet almond oil on my belly. :)
Sleep: Sleeping really well! My mom did my dishes at like 730am this morning and I slept through the while thing! (Thanks mom!)
Best moment this week: My mom was down all weekend and the whole weekend with her was my best moment this week. Specifically her feeling the baby kick! Baby Havens was shy for the first day or two and then gave her a few big kicks yesterday and today! Oh! Other best moment this week was finding out my little sister is having a baby girl!!!!!!  Oh and we had our 20 week ultrasound on Tuesday! More on that in a later post.
Have you told family and friends: Yes
Miss Anything? No, this week, not really. I kinda miss being able to predict my size. Shopping for summer clothes is hard when you don’t know what size you will be.
Movement: Yes! Yay! All the time! I can now see my belly move when baby kicks.
Food cravings: Pickles, iced tea, fresh bread dipped in those flavoured oils! MMM carbohydrates!!
Anything making you queasy or sick: rice, avocado, sometimes meat
Have you started to show yet:  Yes! Actually the change from 19 weeks to 21/22 weeks has been the most drastic so far. I think I have officially “popped”. I even had 2 different strangers ask me when my due date was and congratulate me. It shocked me so much the first time that I totally fumbled on saying when my due date was and sounded like a total idiot. (“umm, oh, me? August, ummmm..19th…wait…19th? yeah. August..thats it.”)
Gender prediction: Boy! Zach thinks girl!
Labor Signs: no
Belly Button in or out? in
Wedding rings on or off? on
Happy or Moody most of the timeHappy!!
Weekly WisdomGot so much weekly wisdom from my mom this weekend that I couldn’t possibly type it all. Mostly that all the worrying I do is pointless and that as soon as your baby is in your arms this motherly instinct kicks in and I will just know.
Looking forward to: Being reunited with my love in a week!



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