Nursery Inspiration for Baby Havens

We are moving in about 15 days and it is making me so excited to finally start nesting and creating our baby’s nursery. AHHH!!!

A little background on the move. We purchased our current house in April 2010 and I lived here alone until August when we got married, then in August Zach moved in. It’s a cute little 2 bedroom bungalow that we fell in love with as soon as we saw it. Our house is not perfect. It is crazy old (like over 100) but, it is super cute and has quickly become our favourite place on earth. In October we played with the idea of moving (mainly because I wanted a bigger house and more closet space if you can believe it) but it never went through. It obviously just wasn’t the right time. Every door slammed in our face and we were so frustrated but little did we know that big, life changing news was around the corner. On December 13th we found out we were expecting and instantly we both knew we would have to sell our house and find something a little bigger. A 2 bedroom would totally work with a baby if Zach and I didn’t both run businesses out of our house. His baby grand piano takes up the entire second bedroom and our little den is my makeup studio. We also wanted a house with a fenced in backyard for our dog, a guest room for when family comes to visit us and baby, and central air because I hear being 9 months pregnant in August can get reeeeally HOT.

We had just started hanging out with a new couple from our church and the first time I walked into their house I fell in love. This woman is¬†literally an all-star decorator, so I’m sure that had something to do with it but either way, I knew. We left their place and I told Zach “That is my house.” He laughed at me and we kinda moved on. Then the next time we hung out they told us they were planning on putting their house on the market but that they would prefer a private sale. I almost stopped breathing. I can’t describe the feeling I had. I literally knew this was the home for us and our unborn baby. I think I made some nervous joke about how we wanted it but it was nothing serious. When we got home that night I sent my friend a message about how I was actually serious and without putting any pressure on them we were very interested in their home. From then on out it is hard to explain how everything all lined up. Doors that had previously been closed on both of our ends were re-opened. Finances that we never ever thought would work out, easily worked out. It was the most meant to be, God ordained experience of our lives so far. Literally a bank would look us in the face and say “No way” and then a week later it would work out. We were amazed!

We are beyond excited to move into our new place. It has been hard because my nesting instincts are full force but I can’t do much until we move. So for now I have been spending my nesting energy on you guessed it, Pinterest!

I thought I would share some of my nursery ideas. It is difficult because we won’t know the gender until the baby is born but I live a life of neutrals anyway so I have no problem with that (a life of neutrals isn’t half as boring as it sounds). Our plan is to keep it really basic with black, white, gold, gray and then add pops of colour after we know the sex. (either mint or peach)

Our theme is native chic (is that a thing?). We are ordering a little teepee off of Etsy and using some arrow prints, Aztec inspired items and antlers. I know what you’re thinking. Can this be girly? Yes it absolutely can and if this little babe is a girl, I will show you how.

For now, here are some inspiration photos. The first is a collage I made and the rest are Pinterest nurseries that I love!

nursery inspiration


Love the black, white and gold. Our master bedroom might have to match!

nursery 1 nursery 2 nursery 3

If ONLY my baby’s room had freaking french doors! Stunning!

nursery 4 nursery 5

A chalk board wall is a must!

nursery 6


Thanks for reading! I’m shopping for some baby DIY materials today so expect some baby DIY real soon!




5 thoughts on “Nursery Inspiration for Baby Havens

  1. I am sure your Dad could knock out a wall and make some French doors for his grandchild. Your ideas are fantastic. There is another quote if you have a girl from Coco Chanel that would be great too on the wall…. “A girl should be two things… CLASSY and FABULOUS”- so excited for you guys and please blog about settling into your new house and how you decorate it.

  2. Love Love Love the Native Chic theme, we literally have 100 deer antlers that will be painted all colors mentioned!!! ( also looking forward to getting these antlers out of my downstairs shower :) lol
    See you in a few weeks to begin the nesting (shopping) process !!!! xoxo

    Love you, Mama aka Gamma!! xoxo

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