26 Week Update

26 weeks already! Somedays I can’t believe it. The second trimester is going by much faster than the first. Probably because most days I don’t feel pregnant at all. Other than my growing belly, inability to paint my toes without taking breaks and getting kicked from the inside out, I feel like my old self again!

The second trimester has been good to me. My skin got better, my emotions became more stable (to Zach’s relief) and I have been feeling so much more prepared. I hear the third gets a little bit tricky again, especially in the summer, but right now I’m enjoying this weather and being (almost) 7 months pregnant!

Lately, I have been having a little anxiety about birth. It’s like when you get engaged. You get this diamond ring and you’re all excited for a while and it’s all fun and games and shopping and planning and Pinterest and then you’re like “WAIT, a wedding is going to happen at the end of this, and I have to pay for it, and walk down an aisle.”

For me it’s kind of the same with pregnancy. I found out, freaked out, then got super excited about all the little things that come with having a baby. I went on Pinterest, took pictures my growing belly, talked fun names with Zach but lately it has hit me, a BIRTH is going to happen and I’m going to do it. It’s not necessarily that I am scared. I’m just finding it hard to wrap my head around. Parents give birth, moms and grandmas, adults – not me! I’m like…what… 20? Oh no, wait I’m 26, and married and an adult and now a MOM! I love it. I love every single second of it, but it’s a good thing it takes 10 months because getting emotionally and mentally prepared takes at least that long – and even then I don’t think anything could completely prepare me.

On to the update!

26 weeks

How far along? 26 and a half weeks!

Total weight gain/loss:  a whopping 17 lbs!! Woah mama! Started at 120 now 137! How on earth!?
Maternity clothes?: Yes. Tights, some jeans. Mostly I like non-maternity clothes that will work with my ever-growing belly. I love long stretch tanks from H&M and I bought a couple of maxi dresses for this summer. I’m just buying a size up for now.
Stretch marks? Not yet, been using organic coconut oil and sweet almond oil on my belly. :)
Sleep: Sleep is getting a little harder again, my legs and hips are starting to hurt and wake me in the middle of the night. That restless leg thing. Not cool!
Best moment this week: Being re-united with Zach in Vancouver and him giving me a mothers day card and gift!
Have you told family and friends: Yes
Miss Anything? HOT TUBS!!! The hotel we stayed at in Whistler was stunning and had this roof top hot tub with mountain views and all I could do was put my feet in! (the water was insanely hot). It was raining and chilly out so the top half of me was so cold! These sacrifices are preparing me to be a mom because after walking all day and having a sore back that hot tub was calling my name!
Movement: Pure karate kicks all the time! They are getting higher too and closer to my ribs! The occasional cervix punch as well, that one sucks haha
Food cravings: Watermelon, pizza.
Anything making you queasy or sick: No, still rice but I think I’m just scared to try it again.
Have you started to show yet:  Oh yeah! Getting large! I’ve almost gained 20 lbs which is insane! The body is so wild how it works at this time! It’s getting trickier some days to put on socks or sit up from a chair that leans back but I’m loving it! I had a hard time with the weight gain at the beginning but I think it was mostly hormonal. I felt bigger then than I do now and I had gained only 4 lbs. I think it helps too when you actually look pregnant and your belly is hard and round.
Gender prediction: Boy still – i don’t know why. Just a feeling but I LOVE my girl name so I’m kinda feeling like that would be awesome too!
Labor Signs: Around moving day I had some Braxton Hicks. Seemed early but I was super stressed and working hard.
Belly Button in or out? Almost out! and I love it, oh man it’s so cute!

Wedding rings on or off? on and still loose! No swelling yet!
Happy or Moody most of the timeHappy!  Moody if I’m hungry but what else is new?
Weekly WisdomNothing that I can recall? Any mamas wanna drop me some wisdom in the comment box, bring it on! <3
Looking forward to: Zach’s tour being over and being home together in our new house.


3 thoughts on “26 Week Update

  1. I love your updates & I am glad to hear all is going well. Pregnancy is truly a miracle and enjoy your every moment of it. I can’t wait to see you and I know that Courtney & Tyler are super excited for you.

    Xo Aunt Tan

  2. Oh beautiful britt! That mini weight gain looks to be all belly, you really are a classy momma!and such a beautiful spirit about this joyous time. I am encouraged by your attitude.

    I hear you on the reality of birth settling in. I was stoked for it and not scared a wink -but the unknown was sometimes overwhelming…so much of the pregnancy and labour and momma thing is out of your control. I picked a birth verse (which was a verse I meditated and prayed over if I felt unprepared or stressed and read it daily leading up to labour…it helped me to surrender all the emotions bottled up inside. Perhaps you might find one for yourself?

    Be blessed!

    Oh ps. My favourite experience of being a mom has been breast feeding… And if your are pro nursing, the weight falls off like woah!

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