Second Trimester Must Haves

I am officially into my third trimester! I know I say this every time but seriously, how on earth did this happen? It’s JUNE! I remember finding out I was pregnant in early December and thinking summer was so far away, and here we are, already into summer, more commonly known in my house as the season our baby will be born! Holy smokes!

It has been forever since I have blogged and to be honest things have (as usual) been insane. As a hair stylist and makeup artist this is my busy time. I took on a lighter load this summer because I wasn’t sure what to expect with being pregnant and even still I’m running around like crazy. I love my job and I’m just trying to finish strong and soak it all in before this baby gets here. I have some new posts planned that I hope will become more consistent as soon as my mat leave begins (20 days!!!! — but who’s counting?)

So the second trimester was every bit as amazing as everyone said it would be. It turned out to be the most stressful of trimesters due to moving, my husband being away and my busy season at work getting started but I have never felt better!

My hormones totally levelled out, my skin cleared up (wooo) and I got my energy back. I got sick (like physically ill…in an alley…in public) for the first time in my pregnancy around 17 weeks which was hilarious and super embarrassing but if that is all, I can’t complain.

The second trimester, I felt like myself again. I loved feeling our baby move and kick and started to really love my pregnant body and see it as beautiful instead of just different.

Because the second trimester was so awesome, my second trimester must haves were a little harder to come up with but here are the things that got me through months 3-6.

second trimester must haves

1. Exercise Ball – I’m not much for working out. It’s a terrible thing to admit and I am totally one of those people who wants to be a person who works out but I haven’t found my stride yet. My pregnancy exercise routine has consisted of 8 hour shifts on my feet at Sephora and walking about 30 minutes a day around my neighbourhood. I borrowed this exercise ball from my mother in law to help with working my core muscles. It can be harder to target this area while pregnant because any crunches or exercises that have you on your back are pretty much out. Also, I probably wouldn’t do crunches even if I could. The ball basically replaces my chair, or I just sit on it while watching TV or a movie. For me, the best exercises are the ones you don’t know you’re doing.

2. Skinny Belts – Purchasing some cute skinny belts doubled my pregnancy wardrobe. For my first trimester, I kinda just looked like I gained 10 lbs so I wore mostly looser tops and tights to cover the new little pouch I had going on. Now that I have a full on belly, the more form-fitting the better. I like to accentuate it with pieces that hug my bump instead of hide it and these skinny belts are the perfect (and super inexpensive) wardrobe addition for the second trimester. It turns any loose top or dress into an adorable bump-hugging maternity item :) (I got mine in 3 packs from H&M. Smart Set had some awesome colours too!)

3. Maternity Leggings – I knew maternity leggings would make a repeat appearance. These are incredible. I got mine from Old Navy and I wear them all the time. I got the ones that go over your belly but I hate how it feels so I just wear the waist band pulled under my belly. The extra material feels much better than non maternity leggings and the back is higher so you don’t have to worry when you bend down. (which is never, because it’s super hard now that my belly is in the way)

4. Cross Body Bag – It’s summer. It’s hot. I’ve got an additional 20 lbs on me and carrying my enormous purse around has honestly become annoying. I always choose bags that you carry on your arm/elbow and that just hasn’t been comfortable lately. Get a good and small cross body bag. It’s so much easier on your back and arms and leaves your hands totally free for karate chopping strangers who try to touch your belly in Wal-Mart!

5. Belly Oil – I was all “I’m gonna lotion up by belly 7 times a day from the day I find out I’m pregnant”. In fact, I think it was one of the first things I bought but until that belly shows up it’s easy to forget that it’s ever going to grow and that stretch marks/belly itching is a real possibility. Somewhere near the end of my second trimester I got serious about lubing up my belly 2 times a day. I like to use organic coconut oil or sweet almond oil on my belly. I know there is no “proof” that it will do anything about stretch marks but it makes your belly feel nice and not itch and that’s okay with me. Just pick something hydrating and with a tolerable smell. The first one I bought had a scent that made me incredibly nauseous in my first trimester.

5. The Maxi Dress – I actually imagined hearing angels singing as I typed “maxi dress”. This is maternity gold. I live in this thing. This is the exact one I have from Old Navy except, mine is black (surprise, surprise). I was never into maxi dresses before I was pregnant. Mostly because I always thought you had to be tall to wear them but now I think they look cute and the best part is it’s one item! You don’t have to worry about coming up with an entire outfit. One piece, some jewelry, done!

Thanks for reading! 32 Week update will be up Monday!



2 thoughts on “Second Trimester Must Haves

  1. Thanks Britt. LOVE reading this stuff. Can hardly wait for August!!!!!! Very exciting for you and Zach but also for the rest of us. xxoo

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