32 Weeks

Time for another update! I haven’t done one since 26 weeks so a lot has changed!

32 weeks pregnant

For starters. I am enormous. I mean this bump is a full on basketball. I can’t even believe it sometimes. I feel like iphone photos don’t really do it justice. Make no mistake, it is a beach ball and I’m loving every minute of it.

Also, I did the dreaded glucose test and it was not even close to as terrible as everyone made it seem. It was actually pretty good. The hardest part was drinking it in under 5 minutes and waiting an hour to get blood taken.

glucose test

We are really settling into our new house. I have never been more in love with my home. It is so bright and something about the fact that it’s going to be the house we bring our baby home to makes me love it even more.

We are just now starting on the nursery. Zach painted it today and we are waiting for a couple of online orders to come in before really getting down to business.The paint we went with is Valspar – Summer Gray, which isn’t a gray at all. More of a soft white.  I just can’t wait for the room to be done. I just want to sit in there and dream about what it will be like once Baby Havens is here. That, and organize every single corner, and then re-organize when I’m bored. Nesting is a real thing. Can’t stop. Won’t stop.

baby closetThis is the start of Baby Havens Closet. I have really been keeping my shopping to a minimum. Mostly because we don’t know what the gender is. Also because we need gear/baby stuff more than we need baby clothes so I have been resisting baby gap with success! Go me!

von bon blanket

Probably my favourite baby purchase so far (other than our stroller. I’m getting to that) is this Von Bon organic baby blanket. Von Bon is an amazing company out of Vancouver, BC. I have followed them on Instagram for a while so when I came across a gift shop in Vancouver that sold their line I was in heaven! Their stuff is incredibly soft and well made and their patterns are original and perfect for when you don’t yet know the gender. Their line is topping all the lists in the blog world for “best baby shower gifts” and “must have baby items”. I could have bought 100 more things but we decided on this adorable feather blanket for now. Check them out www.vonbon.ca. Show this rad Canadian company some love!

Last thing before the update – We got our stroller!!!!!  I never thought I could love a stroller so much. I heard about how moms get all intense about their strollers and check out other moms strollers and I never really got it until I saw all the options out there. These things are insane now and super high-tech. I did a lot of research and read some reviews and blogs and finally decided on the Bugaboo Cameleon. Our stroller wish list looked like this:  had to have a bassinet, had to fold small enough for our little Ford Focus trunk, had to look cute/modern and we wanted it to be easy to fold on my own or with one hand. This stroller met all of our wants and then some. The Cameleon is cool because it can literally transform and shift so many different ways. Zach and I are also big on walking, we walk our dog all the time and knew we would like to be out on walks often with the baby. This stroller is super easy to steer and has a big storage basket below the seat – great for our long walks.  There are so many awesome strollers out there but this one happened to be the right one for us. Until this baby arrives you can find me cruising by the full length mirror in our hall pretty much nightly to see how we (the stroller and I, obviously) look.

Same stroller. 2 different ways. The bassinet is for newborns and the seat is for about 6 months and up. :)



Okay — Update time! So much is new…

How far along? 32 Weeks

Total weight gain/loss:  23 lbs! I can’t believe the scale sometimes!
Maternity clothes?: Same old. Maternity leggings, long stretch tanks, and long stretch dresses from H&M. Kinda getting excited to wear my old clothes again. It’s really hard to find shorts.
Stretch marks? Not yet, been using organic coconut oil and sweet almond oil on my belly. :)
Sleep: Sleep has been crap lately. Even with our AC on I wake up so hot in the middle of the night. My hips have been aching and I had my first leg cramp the other night. The leg cramps where you actually freeze and feel like you aren’t gonna make it through alive. OUCH! ps. Love you baby!
Best moment this week: Getting started on the nursery and an amazing beach date with Zach! Probably one of our last solo beach days for a loooong time!
Have you told family and friends: Yes. This question should be removed. Why would anyone write a blog who could answer no to this question?
Miss Anything? Sleeping on my stomach and back and not having to pee 9 times every night.
Movement: Yes. It has changed more from kicks to slow rolls and pushes. I think it’s getting pretty tight in there. I have this feeling I’m gonna have a really big baby. Neither Zach or I were very big but I keep imagining this baby being a big one on the big day!
Food cravings: ice cream, freezies, grapes, anything cold and summery.
Anything making you queasy or sick: No, I think I’m over it. I had rice again the other night and didn’t feel sick at all. Woo.
Have you started to show yet:  Sure have! 23 lbs of baby and what not all up in front. My friends are starting to seem super shocked when they see me in person. It literally is like a basketball under my shirt. So awesome! I already know I’m going to miss it.
Gender prediction: I still think boy. BUT on Saturday, Zach and I were out at some yard sales and we ran into this girl with a one month old baby in a carrier. We got talking and she said that her, her husband and everyone she knew predicted it was a boy and then it was a girl! This is the story of my life. Everyone I see thinks it’s a boy. A homeless woman walked right up to Zach and I and quite plainly stated, “That’s a boy”. It just goes to show, you literally never know. I don’t care which wives tales you believe in, it’s still 50/50.
Labor Signs:  Nope
Belly Button in or out? Out. It might be my fave part.

Wedding rings on or off? on but getting tighter when it feels like 38 degrees!

Happy or Moody most of the timeHappy!
Weekly WisdomNothing that I can recall? Any mammas wanna drop me some wisdom in the comment box, bring it on! <3
Looking forward to: Continuing and finishing up the nursery and my mat leave beginning!! Woo.

xoxoxo B


9 thoughts on “32 Weeks

  1. The best advice I can give when the time comes to bring your little blessing into the world is BREATHE!!! Breathing is key!! It really does work and if you concentrate you’ll give birth like a warrior princess!!!

  2. I can’t wait for baby Havens to arrive!!! My “wisdom” for you right now is to not have the mind frame that once baby arrives you and Zach can’t do much after with a baby. It bugs me to the max when people say you can’t have a “life” with a baby. It’s a choice that you need to put to action. Chris and I make an effort to do SO much more and bring Abigail with us. It’s so much fun (and challenging at times) to go out and do things and be a family. GO OUT AND HAVE LOTS OF ADVENTURES and include your baby!! Once baby is here, you’ll honestly find it hard to even imagine what life was like with just you two before. It’s a whole other experience with a baby and one that is honestly so much more amazing and to have that journey with your best friend simply tops it off.
    Try to drink a hot cup of Natural Calm Magnesium citrate powder. It will help with the leg cramps and restless “entire body” feeling. I took one cup every other night before bed and I also took LOTS of baths with Epsom Salts. And I LOVE the stroller! I wish I did more research beforehand. I ended up buying another new one after Abigail arrived because I ended up hating the one we got.
    You guys will be amazing parents! That baby of yours is so loved by MANY!
    Love you guys!!

    • Bethany! Thanks so much for reading and for dropping some mommy wisdom! I must pick your brain about 100 other things!! It’s so true! It’s so weird to imagine someone sharing our house with us now and doing things with a baby but I’m sure it will be hard to remember a time before our babe was here. Thanks for the encouragement and the tea and bath suggestion! I need it!! Gonna grab that tea tomorrow! Love the info – message me mom advice every day haha xoxox love youuu!!

  3. Hi Brittanie,

    Thank you so much for such a lovely feature! We are so thrilled for you and cant wait to see if you are having a boy of girl! All the best during the remainder of your pregnancy!
    Thanks again for your support! It means so much!
    Jen and Kris ~ Vonbon

  4. I just love reading these Britt. It’s nice to see the pics but even better to read about your thoughts and feelings. Can’t wait till next month

  5. BRITTTTTTTT!!!!!!!
    I SO love reading your blog updates! I saw you posted this new one the other day but didn’t get the chance to read it so today I literally sat down and said “I’m going to Brit’s blog, like now.” I love your baby bump. I love your updates. I LOVE your stroller! You will honestly just love the bassinette feature- Our UPPAbaby has the bassinette too and Violet lived in it for the first three months- she was so comfy in it and slept every time I took her for a long walk- it truly was a life saver!:) What are your plans for sleeping arrangements once baby arrives? We bought a Jolly Jumper rocking bassinette stand for our bedroom for Violet and she actually slept in the stroller bassinette that we placed on the stand- it was awesome… we didn’t want to have to buy another bassinette since we already had that one anyways and they only will use it for 2-4months. It was perfect. (also, if she was stirring through the night the bassinette was close enough to the bed I just reached my arm out and rocked her back to sleep! Not having to get up at all:) )
    You are going to be such an amazing mom- so excited to see you this weekend and meet baby Havens so soon!:)
    <3 xo

    • Sabrina!! Thank you so much for reading. This comment made my night! I am so excited you can make it this weekend! I was hoping you would be able to!

      I must know more about this rocking bassinet stand. We were totally thinking that for a sleeping arrangement but thought we had to buy a while bassinet. Where did you get it? Must buy! We got a pack and play with little newborn napper in it but it ended up being way too big for our room. Ah can’t wait to pick your mom brain and hang out Sunday!

  6. Britt!!!

    We have the UppaBaby and it’s exactly the same as the Bugaboo only bigger tires and let me tell you, girl, you are going to LOVE it!!!
    I don’t know the size of the basket underneath on the Bugaboo but if it’s as big as the UppaBaby one…. You will love that you can store a TON of shopping bags, plus diaper bag PLUs purse all below….. Or we even put Holly in the bottom for our longer walks and she rides along with Hunter like our second child :-)

    Best of luck with everything! You look great! Baby Havens will be here before you know it!!!!!

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