My Baby Shower

A couple of weeks ago some of my best friends threw a baby shower for me! These girls are incredible party planners and blew me away with their creativity and how well they knew me! I have honestly never been so overwhelmed with love and support. I am amazed at how much people already love our little babe! God has blessed us so much with friends and family that go above and beyond!

The shower photos were shot by one of my best friends Natalie Young of Mint Photography. She is such a creative and generous person! She is also pregnant with TWINS! Yay! Can’t wait to spend mat leave together. Be sure to check out her blog for more shower photos, DIY projects, twin updates and her amazing photography skills.

Here are some of the details from my shower. I’m gonna caption the photos in Natalie’s words since she is the one who designed most of it.

EEEK – I have been dying to share these photos!


“We decided to go with a “white food” theme for the dessert table. The little chalkboard signs for the food were handmade with little wooden plaques from the dollar store that we painted with chalkboard paint. They’re totally re-usable!”shower

“The gold circle banners were done with my amazing circle punch from Michaels, gold cardstock and white yarn for hanging. Gold spray paint went a long way for this party as it was used for the chevron placemats, the clothespins for hanging pictures, the mason jar vases and the picture frames.”shower-39


shower-21 shower-16
shower-8 shower-7





Love being pregnant with these girls!

Mom and I


Me, my mom and my sister!

Thank you to everyone who attended or sent your love and blessings to the baby shower. We felt sooo much more prepared after and it is all because of you! I literally get emotional when I think of how blessed we are. Our baby is SO loved and already has more than it could ever need. Thank you also to Mindy and Natalie for all the love and effort you put into this day. It was my dream shower!




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