My Hospital Bag – Labour and Delivery

labour and delivery Since becoming pregnant packing my hospital bag was something I was really looking forward to. I love packing for a trip or vacation and to be honest couldn’t wait to shop for some new things to take with me. As a first time mom, I wasn’t sure what I would need to bring so I did a lot of research and read some other blogs with amazing suggestions on what to pack. Each hospital is different and each labour is different so obviously what everyone feels like they need to bring varies. For me, I’m an over-packer every single time I have to go anywhere. I tried not to over-do it because everyone I know said they didn’t use anything they brought but there is always that “just in case”. Here are my hospital bag essentials for labour and delivery: (from left to right)

1. My own towel – I grabbed one of our crappy ones because I assume most of what comes into the delivery room gets ruined anyway. I just thought it would be nice to have my own big soft towel after I shower.

2. My Gownie – I got this online after seeing them on What to Expect When You’re Expecting. They’re adorable hospital gowns that are meant for labour and delivery and are actually super cute. I know all dignity goes out the window when you give birth, but I thought if I had the option to not have my bum hanging out as I walk the hospital halls then why not! It does all the way up the back and the front comes down for breast-feeding and skin to skin. I ordered mine from Baby Be Mine.

3. Babies R Us Postpartum Support Band – I just purchased this yesterday after several friends recommending it to me. Essentially it’s a tight band that you velcro around your waist after you have a baby to help things go back to where they belong. It is supposed to help with posture, uncomfortable uterine swelling, bloating and overall back support. Apparently it just feels really good to have this band holding all the jiggly parts in. Will this work? I have no idea, but the reviews are great and for $26 I’m willing to give it a try.

4. Disposable nursing pads by Lansinoh – I bought reusable/washable ones for home but grabbed a small pack of disposable nursing pads for the hospital. I’m sure none of my visitors want to see ..well.. leaky-ness.

5. Enormous Granny Panties – I just got a cheap pack that I didn’t mind ruining or throwing away. Just your classic pack of Hanes super high-waist briefs. Sexy right?

6. Toiletries and Makeup bag – more detail on this in my next post.

7. Nursing Bras from Thyme Maternity – I have a white and a black. I have the comfortable almost sport bra looking ones. They had cute ones, but I know underwire can be uncomfortable and lead to blocked ducts (not fun!) and mastitis (even less fun) so I’m thinking comfort is the name of the game here. They have little hooks for quick access for baby and for skin to skin contact. The exact ones I have are pictured HERE.

8. Bandeau Tops – I packed these to use in place of a nursing bra. Easy access. Soft fabric. What’s not to love?

9. Socks with grip, slippers and flip-flops – All kind of serving the same purpose. I hear you can get really cold while in labor, so socks/slippers are a must. And the flip-flops? What happens on those hospital floors is something I try not to think about. My sister is a nurse; I have heard the stories and my feet are staying far away! Well, like a 1/4 inch away. Good enough!

10. My own pillow case and (not pictured) my pillow – This one was, like, top of everyone’s list. There is something really comforting about your own pillow. Let’s face it – you could be laying down for a looooong time and I need, like, 4 pillows now for me to feel comfortable, so I’m not leaving it up to those flat little hospital pillows. The chevron case is just so it’s not white and doesn’t get confused with any of the hospital pillows.

11. Cell phone and charger – To capture all the details. Okay, maybe not ALL the details, but at least to let everyone know that Baby Havens is here!

12. Robe – I got THIS amazing lightweight one from Target by Gilligan and O’Malley. Its soft and can be thrown over anything for when visitors come.

13. Going home outfit for me – I packed my maternity leggings, a loose nursing tank top from Target and a light cardigan in case it’s chilly. I’m obsessed with Target nursing tanks!

14. Notebook and pen – It’s been my ‘List book’ throughout this whole pregnancy, and I prefer pen and paper to anything on my phone.

15. Snacks – I brought some sweet snacks for during labor to give me a little sugar if I need it. These have been taunting me every day. They might not make it to the hospital. Mmmm

16. Enormous Overnight Maxi Pads – I don’t need to explain these. I opened one up the other day. It was basically a diaper. I’m not sure the above mentioned granny panties can even contain this much maxi pad. Blah!

17. Big Bag to fit everything in – Mine is just a duffel by Volcom.

Not pictured: Breast feeding pillow.

That’s pretty much it. This list ended up being far more embarrassing than I thought it would be. I guess the only people reading it are probably going to need to pack a bag like this for themselves someday.

There are a few things left around the house that we need to grab before we leave, and things like our good camera, laptop, change for vending machines, and important documents are packed in Zach’s hospital bag.

Also, I know I may have overpacked but that’s what I do. I wouldn’t be me if I didn’t bring a cute pink towel and overpack to the point of Zach hardly being able to carry my bag. As tempting as it might be to tell me all the things I don’t need, please let me know if there is anything I may have forgotten. :) Thanks experienced mamas! Thanks again for reading!



3 thoughts on “My Hospital Bag – Labour and Delivery

  1. Great list :) one thing I think you would love to have on hand is comfy loose pj pants and a baggy tee. I wore that instead of a hospital gown after all 3 times and was so Comf. I just wanted to feel clean and cozy in my own clothes after all was said and done :) and bring lots of your granny panties, like ALOT, I always brought black ones too, just in case ;) all the best to you dear!! Such an exciting time! And I don’t think you over packed, perfect amount!

  2. Thanks for posting this :) I’m 35 weeks pregnant and just starting to gather supplies for my hospital bag, so this list is very helpful! And I don’t think that you’ve packed too much at all. Will you be following this up with what you’re taking for the baby? I hope so! Enjoying your blog :)

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