Dexter’s One Month Update

one month old

This post is an old one that I never got around to posting. It’s Dexter’s one month update. (he is 6 weeks now) I wrote it back when he was a month but this new-momness has kinda made it hard to stay on track with blogging so here it is now. Better late than never. :)

Today my baby boy Dexter is one month old! Time sure flies when you’re not pregnant. I don’t think I have ever cried so much, drank so much water, slept so little or loved so deeply in my life. It is the biggest adjustment ever, but somehow everything feels so natural. We spent our first week in the hospital due to some complications in labour but we were so happy to come home together as a family. I can honestly say since being home I have loved every day with him. We spend our days nursing, watching Netflix, snuggling, doing skin to skin, napping together and going for walks. I have never been more content in what I’m doing. I literally feel like I was made to be his mom.

I thought I would do a little update each month so that I can look back and remember all the little details and also so that my family and friends can keep updated as well.

Weight: 10 pounds 2 ounces – go Dex go!

Nicknames: I don’t think he has any yet. We usually just call him Dex. During the day I sometimes call him baby boy, honey, pumpkin boy, and if we’re being totally honest one time in an effort to make him laugh I called him Honey Boo Boo. It’s ridiculous the names and things you come up with when you haven’t spoken to an adult in 12 hours.

Sleep: Dex sleeps beside our bed in a little basinet. We use our Bugaboo bassinet on top of a little rocking base by Jolly Jumper. I really like having him in the room with us and our room is big enough that we all fit comfortably. He is a good sleeper. The boy adores being swaddled and white noise. We have started to get a rhythm down where when he is swaddled, and when the sleep sheep comes on, he knows it’s time and will usually fall asleep really quickly.


4 days old

Like most newborns, his sleep is all over the map. He has done two 6 hour stretches and that was amazing!! The very next night though he will be up like every 2 hours. No schedule yet, but that’s totally okay. He is still growing and getting used to sleeping outside a human body. I imagine that would be quite the adjustment.

He doesn’t have a “bed time” but his first stretch is usually from 9pm-12pm. He will always sleep those 4 hours and then everything after that is a wait-and-see situation. He wakes up happy and gives you about 10 minutes of grunting and cooing before he really wails. I catch him before it gets to that so that Zach can keep sleeping and he goes back to sleep quickly after nursing and changing him in the night. (Thanks Dex)

Eating: So thankful that Dexter nurses like a boss! I am feeding on demand and he is a very hungry boy. He nurses frequently and nurses for a long time each time. If the boy is not sleeping, he is eating. I love that about him. I love that he is gaining weight, and I really love his rolly thighs!

I am trying to pump at least once or twice a day. Just in case we wanna have a date night in the future we could leave grandma with a bottle or two. Currently, I can’t pump much. I feel like he eats it all, but I’m just starting with whatever comes out and hoping that over time it will increase.

Now, breastfeeding wasn’t easy at first. I had a long and traumatic labour and my milk didn’t come in until around day 5. That left this boy super hungry for something I could barely give him. He would get so frustrated when nursing and shake his head back and forth while I was trying to get him to latch. The hardest part was that we were both hooked up to IV’s and trying to nurse while maneuvering all those cords and wires was a huge challenge. We met with a lactation consultant like 4 times in the hospital but it didn’t really fall into place until we got home. Honestly being able to just relax in your own bed without anyone watching over your shoulder and no cords and wires was so much easier! Now we have got it down!

Diapers: This has been a bit of a nightmare. Dexter has had a rash since being in the hospital. We have tried everything. Every cream, every natural remedy, air time, breast milk, every diaper brand and it still lingers. We have had moments where it will go away, but a couple days later it’s back. It doesn’t seem to cause him pain, but it’s there staring me in the face, telling me I’m a bad mom every time I change his diaper. We have always planned to cloth diaper and we are switching to that very soon. We wanted to use disposables in the beginning just to make things easier for us and not have to do a ton of laundry with a 5 day old baby. Now that I have a rhythm down, I feel better about starting cloth and seeing how it goes. I am super sensitive and have the most sensitive skin, so maybe he gets it from me.

Clothing: Dex is wearing mostly 0-3 month clothing now. He fits into some of his old NB sizes, but he has also outgrown some outfits already. I’m really happy that we didn’t go too crazy buying clothes for him because he is so big I know it would have been hard to get him in every outfit.

Mood: He is the happiest most chill baby. He has his moments of being hard to handle but it’s always for a reason. He has been super easy to read. He kinda grunts and babbles and you know he’s hungry, wet, hot/cold or just bored. They say they come out with the same personality that they had in the womb and he was super chill in the womb. The babe barely moved and it had me worried lots of the time, but he’s just laid back like that.


one week old


  • His sleep sheep/white noise
  • Music. He adores music (which makes sense seeing as his dad is a musician). If he is fussy I turn my ipod on to something upbeat and he chills right out. Right now he’s loving the new Relient K CD, Lorde, Betty Who and The Beach Boys. Anything super pop and happy sounding he loves it! When the music stops he will start to shift around again and fuss.
  • Being swaddled super tight. His fave. I think I have seen him sleep like 3 times without being swaddled.
  • The sun. When we are in the car and he is fussy as soon as the sun shines on his face he instantly calms and closes his eyes. I think its the warmth. His change table is by a window too and as soon as I lay him on it in the sunlight he is in heaven.
  • The car. He adores the car. Puts him to sleep instantly. Stop lights have become a source of fear when we drive because if we are stopped to long he will wake up.
  • Baths. This was a pleasant surprise to me. He has never cried at bath time. He loves the warm water. It’s my favourite activity to do with him.

2 weeks old

Doesn’t Love:

  • His daddy’s beard/stubble. When Zach tries to kiss him with stubble he always cries out and squirms.
  • Getting his diaper changed while he is hungry. This is the time he freaks out most but sometimes it’s a blow out so I have to do it first.
  • Kid music. His toys play musical kid melodies, and it doesn’t do a thing for him. Throw on some Young The Giant and he is all good again.
  • Gas. He has the craziest gas. He sounds like a full grown man when it comes out. He hates hates hates it.
  • When I take photos of his outfits for too long. Maybe its the rug but he always cries.

4 weeks old

What I Want to Remember:

  • His Sneezes. He has photoptarmosis or “sun sneezing”. I do this too, so I love that we have this in common. But anytime he sees the sun or the sun gets in his eyes he sneezes. It’s always a double sneeze for him. It’s so cute – I die!!!
  •  His huge stretches when he wakes up. Hands right over the head, back arched, red face. I love it.
  • Morning snuggle time. After his last feed before we get out of bed I bring him into our bed and have a little snuggle. He just lays there in the sun waking up slowly. I love seeing his little baby body in our big bed.
  • When his bottom lip sticks out like a huge pout or when it quivers. This breaks my heart but I love it.
  • His smiles. They are starting to be real and not just gas smiles. We can make him smile by scaring him by making a gasping sound or poking his cheeks or laying him down on the bed and jiggling/bouncing the bed on either side of him.
  • His tummy time. He is so strong and watching him hold his head but makes me so proud.
  • His cord fell off 9 days after he was born. We found the little stump in our bed. It was weird but a relief because at first glance I thought it was a bug or poop.
  • His feet. I’m obsessed. He always does like a foot peace sign or that hand thing in star trek with his feet. It’s adorable to see his toes all spread out.


Mommy: I’m doing well. I’m 4 weeks post partum and am feeling more like my old self every day. My incision is healing up well and I am about 10 lbs from my pre-pregnancy weight. (I gained 30 lbs while pregnant in case anyone was wondering). I have no stretch marks which makes me happy, and the skin/my body isn’t totally what it used to be, but I’m happy with my progress and thankful that breastfeeding is going so well. I’m not going to worry about bouncing back as fast as possible. It took 9 months to put it on and right now I’m just focused on him.


exhausted/one week old

I’m even starting to like my scar. It’s kinda like a tattoo reminding me of the day he was born. I have been getting out for short walks and going to church and the mall when I can. I am most uncomfortable at night or after nursing for a long period of time.


3 weeks old

I haven’t had any post partum depression which is amazing because I had some prenatal depression in my first trimester. I cried a lot the first week but being in the NICU will do that to you. I am mostly emotional about how much I love him and never want him to grow up.

4 weeks

4 weeks

Daddy: Zach is amazing. He is such a good dad. I love when he doesn’t know I’m watching him and I will just see him look over at Dex and smile. Dexter makes him so proud. He is so happy and he is so hands on with his son. He loves doing skin to skin and swaddling him. Zach is the best at swaddling. He is also so thoughtful with me. He has been so supportive with breastfeeding and tells me all the time what a hot mom I am :) Hey, it helps!


5 days old


one week old

What I’m Looking Forward To: Fall with Dexter. We already went apple picking and I can’t wait to go to the pumpkin patch as a family. Fall is such an exciting time to have a new baby. We are really looking forward to Thanksgiving and Christmas with our son as well.

5 weeks

5 weeks

one month old

one month old


one month birthday

Thanks for reading!


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3 thoughts on “Dexter’s One Month Update

  1. I really enjoyed reading this post! I like that you split it in sections first about Dex, What you want to remember (great idea) how you are doing and how your husband is doing.

    Thanks for sharing your memories and updates with us.

    • girl! Thanks so much for reading and congrats on your little one on the way! Checked out your blog as well and you have made an instant follower out of me!!
      Can’t wait to follow along the rest of your pregnancy!

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