Dex 2 Month Update


I don’t even know how to start this post. It really is the weirdest feeling when your baby hits little milestones. Half of you wants to bawl your eyes out because it’s going way too fast. Sometimes a whole day goes by and at the end I don’t know if I made the most out of it. I’ll never get that day back so did I do my best to savour every moment? Sometimes I want to take a whole day and we both will wear PJ’s all day and we will just lay in bed and he can sleep/eat and I’ll just stare and take pictures and sing him songs. (This might need to be a weekly occurrence.) The other half of you is so proud and excited for each new stage and you almost can’t wait for the next one. Ahh!!

Nevertheless, our baby boy is 2 months old and here is a little update.

Weight: 14lb 6oz

Sleep: Dex is still sleeping in his bassinet beside our bed. Around 6 weeks he hit a period of crying a lot and sleeping very little. That continued to about 8 weeks and we have just turned a corner and he is starting to act like his normal happy self again.

He is starting to get tired earlier in the night and goes down around 830-9 (Sometimes this doesn’t happen and it’s more like 11). He is up about every 2-3 hours in the night, which is getting pretty exhausting. We get up around 8 when Zach leaves for work.

His naps between 6-8 weeks were super unpredictable and sometimes non-existent. (kill me!)  Now he is back to napping every 3 ish hours and for about an hour each time.


^ This photo was taken at the beginning of the month and the one at the top is right when he turned 2 months! What a difference! (insert sobbing mom here)

Eating: Still nursing really well. Still always hungry and on the boob most of the day but I can’t complain. He has started spitting up a lot after he eats. He will act hungry again right after he spits up and sometimes will spit up again after that. I have read it might be reflux or a strong let down. Hmmm. #ftmproblems

Diapers:  We started using cloth diapers! I’m super excited about this. It’s quite intimidating and there is so much to learn but we’re just going to go for it and see how it goes, I’ll do a full post soon on our cloth diapering set up and routine but basically we chose to do this for a few reasons. The first being that Dex has incredibly sensitive skin. Pampers and Huggies were giving him rashes. Not only on his bum but, around his thighs where the diaper sits. Secondly, it’s cheaper in the long run and thirdly, I can’t resist how cute they are!


Clothing: Dex is wearing mostly 0-3 month clothing now. He can fit some 3-6 as well. He has also outgrown all of his newborn outfits already (heart broken!) I’m really happy that we didn’t go too crazy buying clothes for him because he is so big I know it would have been hard to get him in every outfit. There have been a few outfits already that I have gone to put on him for the first time and it’s already too small – like seriously, please stop growing my love.


Mood: Still happy/chill for the most part.



▪   His hands. Last week he really discovered his hands. More so how to get his hands into his mouth on demand. You can hear him slurping away on his little baby hands most of the day. Greatest. Sound. Ever!

▪   His cloth diapers – now that his rash has cleared up he is so much happier.

▪   Toys – this month he really started to take notice of toys. Before, you could rattle a toy in front of him and it wouldn’t get much attention. Now he loves it and will stare at all his little nick nacks.



▪   Sitting up/Being upright – this month this kid has been absolutely against being held baby style/like a cradle. This made me super sad because I just wanna hold him baby style forever! He will fuss until you sit him up on your lap or let him look back over your shoulder.


Doesn’t Love:

▪   Being held baby style. :(

▪   Sleeping longer than 3 hours at a time. Dang it!

**Just so there is not any confusion, it’s not all pumpkin patches and long sunny walks friends, most of the time it looks a little more like this…..


▪   Getting his face wiped – he is drooling like crazy now since discovering his hands which leaves him with a super slimy face, he is never too thrilled when I try to wipe his mouth.

What I Want to Remember:

▪   His sounds. He is really finding his voice and every day he makes a sound that we haven’t heard before.

Our walks together. I’m going to miss this fall weather,


▪   His smiles so much. He is at the point now where he can smile on demand pretty much every time. I could die!!


▪   The way his eyes get huge and wide when he is scared. I sneezed while nursing the other day and he didn’t stop nursing but he threw his hands up in the air and his eyes got huge!! It was hilarious they stayed that way for like 2 minutes.

▪   OH. Zach told me yesterday during a diaper change Dexter’s hand accidentally found his boy parts. This is bad because he has a super strong grip. He will grab my hair and I will need to pry his hand off finger by finger and I still usually loose a chunk of hair. Zach was so worried that his little you-know-what would suffer the same fate as my hair so he quickly flung his hand away. Phew, close call Dex, good thing Dad is looking out for you.

-Dex meeting his cousin Ivy for the first time! So awesome getting these two cuties together. (They’re only a week apart!)


▪   The way he moves his hands while nursing. This is my absolute favorite thing right now. While nursing he sort of runs his hands over my arms, skin and through my hair. It’s so soft and gentle. It’s soothing to him and honestly almost brings me to tears every time.

▪   His first concert. We took him to see one of our favorite bands, Relient K. They were playing in Toronto and the opportunity to go came up last minute and we couldn’t turn it down. We borrowed some baby noise canceling headphones for him and off we went. He did so well. He slept the whole drive there and I nursed him from my seat when we arrived then he slept the rest of the time and slept the whole drive home. After the concert we even got backstage and Dex got a pic taken with the guys in the band.




-Lastly, October with a baby. October is my favourite month, and experiencing it with a little babe was so much fun! Pumpkin patch, halloween costumes (next blog post – promise!) and dressing him in black and orange almost everyday was so much fun!



Looking Forward To: Christmas!!!!!!!!!

xo B


4 thoughts on “Dex 2 Month Update

  1. He is so cute!!! OMG! Copeland hates being held baby style too :( so sad! Little stinks! And I need to get a pair of those headphones! Amazing!!

      • That’s awesome. I have a sling and a Bjorn, both which aren’t working out so great, so I’m looking for something new. I might check out the Moby wrap as I don’t have a crafty friend to make one for me! Thanks for sharing :)

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