Halloween is probably my favourite holiday. I think it stems back to my childhood. For some reason most of my favourite memories are of Halloween. My dad would take my sister and I out rain or shine, we meant business. I lived in a small town and could trust all the houses in our neighbourhood. We knew the houses who made the fresh candy apples and the house who rented a cotton candy machine and were sure to hit them up early on in the night.  My sister would usually get tired (some things never change eh, Ainz?)  and we would drop her back off at home with mom while my dad and I went out for another round. We would literally fill a pillow case each and run home to sort through our bounty.

I knew Halloween with a baby had the potential to blow every other Halloween out of the water and I was right..well, let’s call it a tie. Dressing him up in festive little outfits was one of the best parts of my day! Waking up to nurse a little glow in the dark skeleton was so much more fun than waking up to a baby in normal PJs, just sayin!



We ended up staying in on Halloween and dressing up/handing out candy. Our family/friends stopped by to check out Dex in costume and snag some of our candy. Unfortunately this Halloween was super rainy so we didn’t have many trick-or-treaters. Fortunately, we have a TON of Halloween candy left over for me to eat! YES!


For our costume my sister gave us an awesome idea to go as robbers and Dexter would go as a bag of money. Literally on Halloween morning, I hunted around my house for supplies to make our costumes. Our costumes were easy. All black and black masks made from a cut up T-shirt. I have got some questions for how I made Dexter’s costume so here it is. ( I forgot to take photo’s while making it, but here is the finished product!)

IMG_4135You Need:

  • a pillow case
  • a sharpie
  • a piece of paper with a $ printed on it. (I used this to trace)
  • some twine or rope
  • some play money (I googled “play money” and found a bunch of sites with free printables that looked pretty realistic from a distance)
  • hot glue
  • scissors
  • for the hat, I cut a section out of an old pair of leggings and tied a knot (the hat is optional

I lined one of Dexter’s sleepers up on the pillow case to see where to cut arm holes and cut them with scissors.

I put the paper with the $ in between the 2 pillow case layers and carefully traced it and filled it in with a black sharpie. Use a super thick sharpie to save you time.

Then I cut off the top section of the pillow case because there was too much fabric and ended up folding it down a couple times.

For the rope, I braided 3 long strands of twine to make it thicker and more rope-like.

Then using hot glue, I stuck the play money all around the folded down edge where his head would come out.

That’s pretty much it! I put him in it and loosely tied the rope around his shoulders. Obviously, you wouldn’t tie a rope anywhere near a baby’s neck unless you were going to holding him the entire time he is wearing it, which we were for the 5 minutes he even wore it. After it was on him I crinkled the money up a little bit to make it look more realistic. Voila! Baby money bag!

For an older child you could totally cut leg holes so they could walk around. You could also thread the rope so it was more like a draw string.

Here are a couple more photos from the night! (not great quality, it was late/dark in our house)





The rope came off pretty quickly due to his flailing little arms.




Sidenote: He was not a fan of the costume. He may never like Halloween again after this one. :)






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