Dex 3 Month Update

He is 3 months old. This post is gonna be short and sweet (because I’ll get myself all worked up if I go on too long). This is the first update that I actually felt so emotional while writing. The “4th trimester” is over and my baby boy is getting bigger and older by the day. It’s amazing and hard and emotional and miraculous all at the same time. How did he grow in me? How did Zach and I do this? What is he going to learn/do next? And perhaps most importantly, who can make a time machine so that I can go back and do the whole newborn thing again? (never EVER thought I would say that)


Here is the latest on my little man…

Weight: Last we checked he was 14.7 but that was a while ago. Lets just say he’s pretty fat enormous large …solid.

Sleep: Sleep has been a nightmare lately. This babe has decided he wants to see me like max every 2 hours at night now (miss you too baby). It has definitely caught up with me but I know it’s just a season and will pass soon (and then probably return and pass again several times in a row). His naps have been awesome during the day though. I have started putting him down for naps in his crib. He has blackout blinds in his room and I think it helps him sleep longer. I know when I nap in a room with blackout blinds it’s usually the best sleep of my life. Like a little cave closed off from the outside world. Also, I have started to wean him from being swaddled. Since birth he has only slept when swaddled but now that he self soothes with his hands I’ve been trying to let him nap with his arms free.


Eating: Still a champion nurser. Eating all day err day.


Diapers:  The cloth diapers are still going awesome. I’ve actually become really into it. I ordered some new prints that just arrived (best mail day ever – never thought I would say that about diapers arriving). I ordered a different brand and I actually prefer them to the first brand I tried. I’ve got a lot of questions about this whole subject so I promise that next post will be about the whole cloth diaper thing.


Clothing: Dex is pretty much into all 3-6 month clothing now. With his cloth diapers, they are a lot bulkier than disposable diapers so he needs to wear his clothing a little bigger. Dying to buy some Christmasy clothes for him to wear for the next 2 months.


Mood:  Really good lately. The mornings are his best times then from 6-8 pm he is miserable. I think he is just getting overtired.



▪   His hands. He is more obsessed than ever before. Actually as he is lying beside me right now he just found his thumb and has been sucking on it for about 20 minutes. I’ve never seen him suck his thumb before and he won’t take a soother so this is good news to me! Keep it up Dex!


▪   Being Scared – the best way to get him to laugh is to scare him. We do everything from hiding behind a blanket and popping up, to voices and sounds I didn’t even know could come out of me. Anything to get this babe to laugh. He hasn’t full on giggled yet but he is so so close!

▪   Other babies– My baby niece Ivy was down this past week and my nephew Brad was over today and I have really noticed Dex taking notice of other babies when they are around. He will look towards their cries and noises and smile at them. Making friends already – I cant handle it!!

▪   Exersaucer – I tried him in it today for the first time and he really loved it. He doesn’t last long as he gets pretty tired but he was sooo happy to be able to stand and look around.


▪   Dogs – my dad came to visit and brought our family dog Keon. Dex adored him. He kept staring and when I put his feet on the dog he would rub them around and feel the fur.


▪   Me…. What?? He does. ;)


Doesn’t Love:

▪   Tummy time  – this is new. He used to like it so much. Now he doesn’t last longer than 3-4 minutes.

▪   Sleeping longer than 2 hours at a time. (Notice how last week that number was a 3! If next week it’s a 1 someone send help?)

(The ‘doesn’t like’ list seems to be getting shorter! Thankful for this season of him being an easygoing babe, if only we could move ‘SLEEPING’ to the ‘Loves’ list we would be loving lifeee)

What I Want to Remember:

▪   His quivery little giggles and noises that are so unique to him

▪   His snoring. Caught him on video snoring like a grown man the other night! So funny!

▪   Him learning to grab things. When I put my hand infront of his face now he instantly tries to grab onto it and pull it into his mouth. This is all going so so fast. Last week it feels like he was a newborn baby who couldn’t focus on anything.

▪   Our naps. Ever napped with a baby? Life changing. Snuggliest nap of your life.

▪   His yawns. He is so shameless when yawning and makes the most bored exaggerated yawn sound ever. It’s like a cartoon character yawn.

▪   His hands. His feet. His rolly polly thighs. His CHEEKS. Can you tell that 3 months has been hard for me – stop growing baby!

▪   How he makes eye contact while he nurses. Sometimes he will smile too. I dieeeeee!

Looking Forward To: Christmas and making new holiday traditions with my little family.


Ok, I’m gonna go sob now while I take several hundred photos of him sucking his thumb.

Emotional mama out.


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