Dexter’s Newborn Photos

We are beyond thrilled with our new-born photos taken by The Last Forty Percent. They have shot our engagement, wedding, maternity and now these and no one captures our style and vision like Ewan! We are always blown away when we get the photos back (which, was a while ago I just never got around to posting them – oops!)

These were taken when Dex was 3 weeks old! We wanted to do them sooner but being in the hospital for a week and then needing to recover from my c-section made us push it back a little. I can barely even remember him looking like this. I am so happy we have these to look back on and use as art in our home.

be warned – this is a super long photo post. I haven’t figured out how to put photos side by side so….it ended up going on forever haha.

Thanks for reading! Hope everyone’s December is off to an amazing start!!



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4 thoughts on “Dexter’s Newborn Photos

  1. Beautiful pictures! I love how you decorated the nursery…can you share where you found the print with the quote “not all who wander are lost”? Thank you!

  2. Just found your blog through a friend of mine (Allison wall) and I was scrolling through your posts….and I love love love these photos. My husband and I are expecting baby#1 in a about a month and a half and I just love all things baby right now. Also, I really really enjoyed your post pardum (sp?) body post. Really great for all women to think about. Anywho… Glad I found ya and hope to get to know ya better through this blogging world.


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