Festive Favourites

I was feeling down yesterday. I’m sick (just a cold), Dex is sick and we stayed in all day, which led to cabin fever and a general feeling of yucky-ness. I was telling my husband how I was feeling and kinda going on and on and on about all the things that I was bummed about (bad hair, mummy tummy, being sick, sick baby, messy house) and then after a long pause in the conversation (because what the heck is he supposed to say to all that) I said “I think I just need to get more into the Christmas spirit!” He laughed a lot, and asked what that even meant and then continued to laugh. But it’s so true! It’s December, my second favourite month of the year and it’s totally passing me by and if you’re really into the holidays like me you know the power of doing something a little festive. A candy cane in your coffee can literally turn your whole day around.

So I came up with a list of some festive goodess. All of my favourite things in different  holiday categories.  I’m going to make the decision today to stop feeling so “blah” and start feeling excited and happy and enjoy my first Christmas as a mama.

Now obviously this isn’t what the Christmas season is all about (not even close) BUT these are just a few little things and traditions that we like to do around here to make the most out of December and really get into the festive mood. It’s so fun having my own family to start traditions with and incorporate little festive touches that hopefully as Dex gets older he will look forward to as well.

Christmas Lights – Sometimes I’m sitting in my living room with Dex. He’s fussy, I’m hungry, my tea has gone cold and I’m on my 6th episode of a reality TV show that I’m too embarrassed to name. However, the second I plug my tree in life is exponentially better. Every year I fantasize about leaving the tree up all year round, twinkle lights and sparkle in plain view all the time. YES PLEASE

Christmas Books – I have started to read some festive books to Dex before bedtime. He used to be all over the place when I tried to read to him but now he will actually sit/lean on my lap and stare at the photos!

Christmas-in-the-Manger Grinch_V

And a little something for Zach and I — The Book of (Holiday) Awesome – This one never fails. I’m sure you have heard of the Book of Awesome but the holiday one is even better. It’s filled with all those amazing holiday things that you thought you were the only one who noticed. When the wrapping paper lines up perfectly, getting Christmas cards, when the christmas lights all work.  We read some before bed sometimes and laugh and talk about how much we relate.


Festive paper straws – I got these from Target for $1 a pack. You are probably reading this and thinking “who cares” but to be honest I do. Drinking your orange juice or egg nog using one of these straws is a game changer. It’s something little that makes December seem even more awesome anddd makes your orange juice taste WAY better.

paper straw


Christmas Jammies for Dex – Waking up in the middle of the night to your crying baby – No fun. (honestly, sometimes I cry) BUT waking up to a baby in adorable Christmas jammies, not as bad. I hear him crying, stumble into his room and when I see the little butt flap, or feet that look like reindeer I realize that it’s literally impossible to be frustrated at a baby who is dressed up Christmas style.  Here are some of my faves for Dex.


jams gap



Red Lips – I’ve been wearing red lipstick to most of our holiday functions. It’s a way to feel festive and done up without much effort. As a new mom, I don’t have the time I used to to get ready and red lips are great because you can get away with barely any eye makeup. I am obsessed with MAC Lady Danger and have been wearing it non stop. I also have been loving NYX Perfect Red. Both are matte shades which I prefer.



Christmas Music – I listen to Michael Buble Never. Like never ever. He’s a talented guy but just not my style of music. However, come December and I can’t turn it off. Some of my other go-to’s are She and Him, Sufjan Stevens Christmas Albums and the Christmas at the Movies playlist on Songza.  I also love all the Happy Christmas albums that Tooth and Nail come out with every year.

she and him ss christmas

happy christmas

Starbucks Drink – My favourite of all the holiday drinks is a half sweet peppermint mocha. Everyone gets so stoked for the red cups to surface each year and for good reason.


What are some things that make you feel festive? What are some traditions you have? I would love to hear them!

Less than one week until Christmas!!! Woo!



2 thoughts on “Festive Favourites

  1. I’ve been in the same holiday slump! We’re away from home for the holidays (again!) and I’ve been really missing our own little home for our little man’s first Christmas! But I was determined to get excited about Christmas anyway, so I bought a miniature Christmas tree for our gross hotel room! The baby Christmas jammies are a sure bet, too! So cute! Enjoy this time with your sweet family!

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