Dexter 4 Month Update


So 4 months. This has been my favorite month so far. It has also been the month that the most changes have occurred and that I have seen him learn and grow the most. From teething to rolling over and laughing our baby boy is growing up. This month has also been my favorite because it’s December and preparing for Christmas with a baby has been the best! A little stressful at times but when I accepted that I wasn’t going to have a “perfect pinterest style Christmas” It was a little easier and I was able to relax a bit. I went into this season with one goal. To spend time with my family and to make memories with my baby boy. Mission accomplished.


Weight: He was actually weighed today 18 lbs!  He’s in the 95th percentile. The doctor said “Mama must be making cream” at my last appointment. Heh heh.

Sleep: We transitioned the little man into his own room/own crib and it was going so well until he got sick and wasn’t so into the crib so we brought him back into our room. I felt better about this too because he was having a rough time breathing and having him close by put my mind at ease. He’s going back into his room though. We were just ready. I miss him in our room sometimes but I sleep so much better without his grunting, tooting and random crying outbursts that last for 3 seconds and then he’s fast asleep again. Also, I love going into his room to get him in the morning. He gets so excited and smiles so much.


Eating: He has become so much more efficient. Where I used to sit and nurse for like 40 minutes, now he does about 10 minutes and he’s done. Go Dex go!


Diapers:  Still cloth diapering. Still loving it. My cloth diaper post is like 80% written and I’ll be posting it soon! Just wanted to get this update up on time. I did just get some of the Honest Company diapers for travel and I love them!!


Clothing: Dex is at the end of most of his 3-6 month stuff and wearing some 6-9. For shoes he’s pretty much out of luck. His feet are pretty much a cube (as long as they are tall) and won’t fit into any shoes. Dying to get my hands on some freshly picked moccs!

Mood:  I think he might be teething. As a first time mom it’s so hard to tell but he has been fussier lately and much harder to console. I see little white slivers getting ready to peek through his gums so I’m hoping they cut through soon! I froze a damp baby wash cloth and he has been LOVING chomping down on that these last couple of days. Sometimes he will be crying and I’m sure he’s teething but then he falls asleep and I think he may have just been overtired. Secretly I’m dying to see him smile with a little bottom tooth. Oh man….





▪   Toys. He is obsessed. I need to bring toys everywhere we go. His fave toy right now is the Oball my friend Morgan sent him! (thanks girl!) It has little holes in it so he can grip it really well. He is reaching for everything and grasping so well. The other day I was peeling a clementine with him on my lap and I literally had to shove the whole thing in my mouth because he would not stop grabbing at it. Not yet baby boy :)

Books – we read him one before bed and he’s actually been pretty focused lately.


▪   TV – This is terrible haha. Zach and I don’t have TV. We have one in the basement for watching movies but we don’t have cable or a TV in our living room (we totally aren’t against TV at all we are just too busy and honestly never got around to it after we moved) So when we are at someone else’s house Dex is mesmerized by the TV. He will not look away for any reason at all. It’s kinda scary. He’s obsessed.


▪   The Christmas tree. Takes after me on this one. Anything sparkly/glittery makes my Love list every time.

▪   Rolling over – Dex first rolled over (from back to front) at 15 weeks. Since then he has practiced over and over and over every time we put him down and now he won’t last more than 10 seconds on his back before rolling. This is all awesome until he remembers how much he hates being on his tummy and I have to go roll him back over every 30 seconds.


Doesn’t Love:

▪   Barking dogs – Our best friends have an adorable dog who is also an awesome guard dog and will let you know when someone is approaching the house. We were over there this past month and when the dog barked Dex lost it. He cried a scared cry. It was sad but something I hope he ca get used to because we hope to get a dog again someday.

▪   Being on his tummy after he rolls over. It’s the thrill of the roll. Once the roll is complete he just wants to roll again and again and requests that he be rolled onto his back immediately!

What I Want to Remember:

▪   His first laugh. It happened at 14 weeks. I had him sitting on my lap and I was bouncing him pretty high and he was literally throwing his head back and laughing. I caught it on video for a couple of seconds but you know, once he sees the iphone it’s game over.

▪   Him learning to grab things. He’s getting smarter everyday. Today he pulled his soother out in the car and I was thinking “here comes the cry” and then I looked back a couple minutes later and it was back in. A fluke I’m sure but it still made me proud (and thankful for a quiet car ride).

▪   His rolling over. First rolled at 15 weeks. He had been so close for a couple days but kept getting stuck on his side. Then I took a nap and (of course) Zach ran in yelling “He rolled!!” The best is when you hear him babbling in his crib after a nap and you go in and he’s on his belly or in a totally new corner of his crib. Gets me every time.

▪   Getting/wrapping his Christmas gifts. I will never ever forget writing “love: mommy” on his gift tag as I wrapped presents this week. I cried as I wrote it and then stared at it for a minute to try to lock it into my brain. It’s one thing to know I’m a mom. It’s another to look under our tree and when I see “mom” written on his gifts – that’s me!! For his gifts this year Zach and I decided to go simple and get him one gift each. I’m getting him a gift and Zach is getting him a gift but we’re not telling each other what we got. That way we get to open them and be surprised by what the other person picked out.

Thanks so much for reading – and Merry Christmas to everyone! I probably won’t be blogging again until after the holidays but I have tones of new posts on deck for the new year.


2 thoughts on “Dexter 4 Month Update

  1. Your posts are great reads but this one made my eyes leak a little. Especially the writing “mom” on his Christmas gifts. Your already a great mom britt and will only get better with experience. Love you

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