Dexter’s 5 Month Update


I’m back and my baby isn’t sick anymore. Honestly – Hallelujah!! Having a sick baby was the most physically and emotionally draining experience since becoming a mom. I always felt anxious or helpless or guilty. Dex had a bad cold (RSV) for about a month and while, we are fortunate that was all it was, the first time your baby gets sick is a scary experience.  Anyway, we pretty much stayed inside and snuggled most of the time. This past week was the first time we got out socially in a long time and it felt so good!

Dex is 5 months old now and more fun than ever. Here is his monthly update just incase anyone was interested. :)

(sorry in advance for all the blurry photos – this baby is getting too wiggly to take a photo of and have it still be in focus)


Weight: 18lbs 9oz (I think hope he slowed down a little bit since being sick, or maybe just getting older, he is getting impossible to lift in his car seat)


Sleep: OH goodness!! This used to be going so well until he got sick. Between me being paranoid about his breathing and….okay mostly me being paranoid about his breathing (seriously, it sounded like he was breathing through a pinhole) we gave in and moved him back into our room. Then he was feeling better so we moved him back to his crib, then he cut a tooth. It’s so funny because from about 3 months Dex was drooling a lot and chewing a lot and I was always like “oh he must be teething” now that he is actually teething I feel like an idiot for thinking THAT was teething. Teething has turned our easygoing babe into a little monster. Honestly, my heart breaks for him because it seems quite painful but I barely recognize this kid. So he started waking up almost every hour and refused to nurse or go back to sleep. He would just wake up and cry until he fell back asleep, which usually took about 25-45 minutes. That was hard – too hard. So I brought him back into our room and he is sleeping a bit better again. Going to try him back in the crib again tonight.


Eating: Still nursing well. He has been showing some interest in our food so we are planning on starting him on some solids soon.


Diapers:  Dex is still in cloth diapers. My cloth diaper post is DONE and I’ll be posting it soon! Just wanted to get this update up on time. We tried out diapers by the Honest Company for travel and overnight and we LOVED them. By a long shot our favorite disposable diapers (they’re almost too cute to use). We love Seventh Generation diapers as well but they don’t have cute patterns so the choice is obvious.  We also tried the Honest wipes and love them too! So glad this company delivers to Canada now!

Clothing: Dex is into pretty much all 9-month clothing. Some random 6-month stuff fits him but once it’s washed it’s too tight so I’ve been buying him all 9 month to make sure it fits for a while. Right now I’m loving him in leggings, chunky sweaters, graphic tees and puffy vests. I still can’t find shoes that fit him.




Mood:  To be honest, he’s pretty miserable. This teething thing is kicking both our butts. He has moments of being chill but they are short lived.


▪   Exersaucer – This thing is the best. He could stand in it all day. We have a farm animal one and he just stands there trying to get every piece into his mouth.

▪   Me singing – I don’t sing. My family is super musical but I am brutal. Like hurt your ears brutal but I have been finding that Dex is soothed/distracted by me singing him to sleep so I’ve been doing that. I know the day is going to come where he realizes that I’m terrible and says “mom, stop singing” but for now he’s loving it. Some of my go tos are “Just Can’t Wait to be King”, “Skinny Love” and anything by Copeland.


▪   His Soother – FINALLY this kid takes a soother. We have been gently trying to get him to like a soother since day one and just now has he shown interest. He likes the Soothies brand.

Jolly Jumper – he’s obsessed. It’s almost dangerous how he rips around.


▪   His feet – I have to hold his legs down when changing him because as soon as the socks are off he must grab his feet. Him lying on his back holding both feet is probably my favorite thing this month.


Doesn’t Love:

▪   Teething and everything it involves.

What I Want to Remember:

▪   Him learning to grab his toes. Happened on Christmas day while I was changing his diaper

▪   Got his first tooth at 21 weeks. So sharp and cute.

▪   Got his high chair this week too. He can sit in it by himself and loves being up at our level.


▪    His first cold was at about 19 weeks and lasted until now. Not fun but something to remember.

▪   Him in the bath – No, this is my favorite thing of the month. We have started filling the big bath with an inch or 2 of water and laying him in it on his back. (Don’t worry we have a hand on him the whole time.) He LOVES this. I have never seen him go so wild. He flails and splashes and laughs. The bathroom floor pretty much gets soaked but it’s so worth it. When we take him out of the bath he just stares back at it longing to go back in. We gotta get this kid swimming he adores the water.

There you have it. 5 months with this little babe. It scares the crap out of me that my next update will be 6 months..half a year!!!?? NOO!!




6 thoughts on “Dexter’s 5 Month Update

  1. He loves the camera eh? Must get that from his mama. You would be in a fowl mood but if someone brought out a camera…babam instant smile. Love you guys see you soon

  2. Loving this update! I know it’s old now, but it’s nice to see what other 5 month olds are (were!) like! Evie still hasn’t gotten a tooth and I have to say I’m a little scared! I’m sure now that you have some perspective on it you probably know some good ways to manage it! Sounded stressful! Thanks for posting this for other mama’s to read! :)

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