7 Month Update

Hey guys! You might notice a new look to my blog! I’m going to be making a few more changes around here, but I’ll post on that tomorrow :) Today (because I’m already 2 days late) I’m posting Dexter’s 7 month update. How much do I suck that my last post was his 6 month update?? Well these new changes will have be blogging more consistently..can’t wait to share. IMG_6355

Bandana bib by Vonbon Apparel HERE

On to the update, so much is new! I can hardly stand how old he is getting. He’s hitting all these milestones and for a second I’ll be super proud of him and then I want to cry because he is becoming so independent. I feel like this should say 10 month update.  Seriously, slow down kid.

Weight: Got weighed last week and he was 20lbs. Grow baby grow. IMG_6660 Sleep: Ahhh sleep. So he is sleeping really well. Taking good naps, sleeping long chunks at night the HUGE problem is getting him down to sleep. We usually rock or nurse to sleep (I know, not for everyone but that’s what works for us right now) but we have noticed that slowly that 10 minute squat session that used to knock him right out has now stretched to almost 30-40min (at least my ass is looking good!). We just can’t spend 40min x 3-4 a day trying to get him to sleep. I don’t think we are ready for full on sleep training of any kind and when I read it it’s all about getting your babe to sleep through the night. Dex usually does about 6:30-7 bedtime, up at about 1:30 then up at 5:30 then up for good around 7:30. So for me waking up 2x a night is not that bad, I don’t mind. We just gotta get this whole going to sleep thing under control and help him learn to put himself to sleep sometimes. 2014-03-14 07.40.41 Eating: Solids are still going well. We are still only doing a meal around dinner time. He hasn’t met a food he doesn’t like yet so that’s good. Baby led weaning has been a bit of a challenge. No matter what I give him he manages to take enormous chunks off and try to immediately swallow. This is probably not a big deal but to me it’s a heart attack every single meal time. We will get there, slow and steady. He’s just such a ravenous eater that he doesn’t know how to not inhale food.

Diapers:  Still cloth diapering. Still size 3 in disposables. New cloth diaper favourites are the Flip system and Bum Genius All-In-Ones. The Flip system has totally changed our cloth diaper lives!

Clothing: He is 9-12 or 6-12 clothing size now. I’ll be showing his Jamaica suitcase sometime in the next 2 weeks where I’ll feature a lot of his new spring clothes! Also, I’m dying over the new summer Baby Gap stuff!! IMG_6576 Mood:  Mood is not so good. He’s been pretty tired lately and I feel like he is cutting a top tooth because he wants to pull his ear right off. (We got him checked for an ear infection and he was all clear) IMG_6354

Bandana Bib by Vonbon HERE

  Loves: ▪   Pulling himself up and crawling. This has changed everything. It is so amazing seeing him crawl and discover things and find ways to climb however, the hardest days of motherhood for me have been since he has become mobile. You quickly realize that your house is a baby death trap and all you wanna do is lock him up but he isn’t having any of that. Being worn? No thanks. High chair? Too restrictive.  The only thing that satisfies him is using my hair and skin as leverage to climb up on me or scaling his change table. Good times. IMG_6537 IMG_6658 ▪   Food – he’s obsessed with eating. I put him in his high chair and he starts crying (because he would rather be on the ground) then, all I need to do is hold up his spoon while I’m standing in the kitchen and he is silent. He knows what’s coming. Silent, mouth open, bring me the food. IMG_6467 ▪   Other babes – We went back home this past weekend for my sisters bachelorette party and he was so interactive with my niece Ivy. (evidently, i didn’t get a pic) They were poking each other and laughing and babbling. I am so fortunate to have had a baby a week away from my sister and my sister in law. I can’t wait for more of this baby interaction. IMG_6574 ▪   Books – he has really stared to love books. The time he will sit with a toy the longest is when its a board book.

  • His family. I love how he doesn’t make strange yet. He loves being with anyone and everyone especially his grandparents and great grandparents! (check out those enormous feet)

IMG_6575 Doesn’t Love: ▪   Teething and everything it involves. ▪   Not being allowed to crawl off the edge of the bed, climb the bookshelf, eat the computer cord etc. I distract him with seflies. IMG_6429 What I Want to Remember: ▪   He crawled! At 6 and a half months he started army crawling, and within less than a week he could full on crawl. It’s insane. We caught it on video which was so awesome! My heart literally explodes with pride watching him discover a new skill. I could see his brain working and trying to move each hand separately until he was inching forward. The craziest thing is that my little baby has free will. If he wants to go somewhere, he goes. If he wants that toy over there, he just crawls over and gets it. Seriously, my heart! IMG_7397 ▪   He also learned to stand up in his crib by pulling himself up. This was around the same time as learning to crawl. Maybe a week later. IMG_6587 ^ we have since lowered the mattress.

▪    Laughs so hard when you tickle his belly. It’s the best.

Last thing – I have been tagged a bunch of times to do the whole no makeup selfie thing (which i think is awesome!!), but I was nervous so Dex was super supportive and did it with me. Here it is – for my blog readers. Real me, real mom life. This is how he knows me. IMG_6630 xox B


4 thoughts on “7 Month Update

  1. Omg Britt, where do I start. Love the new banner, the font is so lovely and perfect. Super excited for you and site changes! I seriously want to cry at every sentence of you talking about Dex’s adorableness. He makes me melt, baby fever! Ahhhh. So excited for all the little moments you guys are having. Can’t believe it’s 7 months already, holy smokes. Baby is getting bigggg.
    Ps- you are gorgeous, huge respect to you for the no makeup selfie.
    <3 love you guys

  2. What a gorgeous little boy – love his smiles! I’m impressed that you have the energy to blog while having an infant around! Loving the blog, will follow!


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