8 Month Update

While we were on vacation (the day we traveled home) Dexter turned 8 months old. You know how everyone says every stage is better than the last? Well this month I feel that way more than ever. Zach and I constantly say to each other how 8 months is our absolute favourite so far. He is getting so much more talkative and laughs all the time. He is also starting to cuddle more (finally) and have a preference for certain games, food and toys.

photo by: Mint Photography

                                                     photo by: Mint Photography

This is probably not the best time to write this update because since coming back from our vacation sleep/eating/mood has all been thrown way off. I’ll do my best to accurately tell you where we are at!

Weight: We haven’t had him weighed since his 6 month appointment. If I had to guess I would say around 21-22lbs. He is so much more mobile now and leaning out a little bit.

IMG_7616His face/hair in the morning is my favourite!

Sleep: Sleep is okay. In Jamaica he slept horribly. New place, a weird rickety crib and all that sun totally threw him for a loop. Now that we are home he is getting his second top tooth and has a cold (we both caught one on the flight) so still not sleeping well. Since we got home I literally feel like I have totally forgotten how to parent him and be a mom. It’s taking some time getting back into our routine and until then I always feel like I’m second guessing myself. So instead of worrying too much about the sleep thing right now we are in survival mode until this tooth cuts through and this cold passes. Sleeping whenever and wherever by any means necessary.

Eating: Eating is going really well. We have always done a bit of a mix of purees and bigger pieces of soft food and I’m noticing more and more that Dex prefers to feed himself. He will try to grab the spoon out of my hand, or just grab the puree off the end of the spoon (not possible) and put his whole hand in his mouth. So this week we tried toast with coconut oil, asparagus and some pasta pieces. He did great and loved the asparagus most. Right now we do a breakfast (usually toast and banana or avocado) and a dinner (usually whatever we are eating) and still nursing before and in-between meals.

Diapers:  Cloth diapering. No new diapers but so many of you have asked me for a review of the different brands I use so I’ll start working on that post for you guys!

2014-04-01 11.54.29


Just chewing on a YSL mascara. This is why we can’t have nice things.

Clothing: Dex wears 9-12 or 12 month clothing and size 2 shoes and moccs.

Also something fun for the clothing category. Dex was chosen to be one of the brand enthusiasts for one of our favorite baby shops Sugar Plum Lane Baby Boutique. They are such an incredible brand! Their prints are unique and their glittery/gold girl’s pieces are making me long for a little girl one day! Please check them out!

Mood:  His mood is always super chill/laid back. Obviously he’s not loving it right now with a cold and a top tooth sloooowly making its way through his gums but honestly he’s still so happy. He has been so much more expressive lately. He is easier to make laugh and has really started to mimic us and get our attention.



▪   The beach/sand! I knew this would be the case because he is obsessed with water but this kid was in his element on the beach in Jamaica. Splashing and digging his toes into the sand. He loved watching the waves come in and sitting in the shallow water.


▪   Swimming – he loved the pool in Jamaica too, we brought a floaty for the water and he kicked and splashed all day.

▪   Seeing other babies – he gets so excited when I hold him up to other babies. Makes me feel like he’s going to be such a people person like his dad.

▪   Peekaboo and singing songs – I have tried to play peekaboo with him since he was so little and never got any reaction now he is obsessed. I play it while he sits in his high chair and I hide below the tray. He also loves songs. It’s the only way to keep him on his back during a diaper change. ‘Old McDonald’ is my current go-to but instead of normal farm animals we pick different non-farm animals or other random objects to be on the farm. (Snakes, babies, dolphin..keeps it interesting)

2014-04-05 18.09.07

Doesn’t Love:

▪   Teething and everything it involves. I feel like this is never going to end. We are at 4 teeth and working on his 5th.

▪   The heat. One thing I did notice was how annoyed and hot he got while we were away. Obviously, it was crazy hot and coming from Canada we are so not used to dealing with that but we did our best. Also HATED the sun in his eyes but also hated his sunglasses  and wearing a hat sooo.. lose/lose/lose there.

▪   Being told “No” or having a toy taken away. Just this month he has started to really cry when I take something from him that he shouldn’t have. Which is every 4 minutes thanks to his busy ways. Enormous tears form in about 8 seconds but then he’s over it when he spots a shiny dime over across the living room floor and the cycle repeats itself. All. Day. Long.

▪   Mashed potatoes. We have tried them several times and he will literally spit them out of his mouth, make 2 fists and twist his face up for a good minute or two. It’s the hardest I have ever laughed at him. Obviously not obsessed with carbs like his mama. It’s probably for the best.

What I Want to Remember:

▪   Our trip to Jamaica. Looking back it already feels like a blur. It was busy and different from a baby-less trip but I wouldn’t have it any other way. He was so happy and although he will never remember it, it was such an awesome time spent with family and seeing Dex experience new things. (PS. The mom transformation is complete. Check out this one piece. Haha. I actually wore a bikini most of the time but couldn’t resist this ruffled black one piece when I saw it.)


▪   He is going through such a mommy stage right now. Maybe is his cold or tooth but he will cry a bit when he is passed to someone else. He gets over it pretty quick and goes about his squealing and babbling. I secretly love it. There are going to be days ahead where I would do anything for him to want to be near me the way he does now .

2014-04-03 09.57.02

– His first Easter. Easter is one of my favourite holidays. He is still too young for eggs and what not and I didn’t bother making him an Easter basket this year but I did read him the Easter story and spent some time at my in-laws enjoying a delicious meal

2014-04-20 17.29.46

– Looking Forward To:

▪   Him dancing. I always dance in front of him, you know, trying to be a good influence. I literally can’t wait for that day!

▪   Real words. Currently too much of my day is spent having this conversation.

Me (everyday): “Say mama……(blank stare)..maaaamaaaa…(nothing)…mama, mama, mama. I’m mama. Say mama”

Dex: “raurauraurau.. eeeeeeeeehhhhhh”

Me: “no..MA-MA”

Dex: “rauu rauu rauu rauuuuu”

Thanks so much for reading. Vacation recap on its way!



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