Like father, like son, like mother.

2014-04-24 13.56.26

One of the coolest things about having a baby is that he’s genetically half me, half the person I love the most (Zach). As Dexter is getting older and his personality is really coming out it’s been so awesome seeing some of the ways he is so similar to Zach and myself. Sometimes it’s a little eye opening (“Oh no! I’m like that!) but mostly it’s so exciting to see his character slowly emerge. (side note: When we took the above photo we were just hanging out on our front steps and my husband goes “family selfie!!” and snapped the pic. Seriously – one of the many reasons I love him so much, although, it doesn’t look like Dex enjoyed the selfie at all.)

2014-04-20 16.35.06

Like Father

  • Most of his features remind me of Zach. Skin tone, hair and eye colour, body shape, hair line, feet. I’m grateful for all of the above, my husband is smokin’ hot.
  • Grinds his teeth. This one kills me. It literally sounds like his little baby teeth are crumbling inside his mouth. He comes by it honestly though. So many on my husband’s side are teeth grinders.
  • Charming. My husband has a way with people. This trait is what tipped me off right away that he was different, good different. Initially (not gonna lie) I kinda thought he was flirting with like everyone…but it quickly became clear that calling people by the name on their name tag  and asking how their day is going BEFORE he orders anything from McDonalds is just how he was raised. He is super charming and so comfortable with other people. Now Dex doesn’t talk to anyone yet but I can already see how outgoing he is going to be and how comfortable he is with people and interacting with anyone.
  • He’s an adventure seeker. I have little experience with boys (sisters only for me) but I feel like they all have a bit of this in them. Dex has like, no fear (except when I sneeze while nursing him). He is always exploring and looking for adventure in the small things (i.e. our living room). Zach is like this. Always looking for a new experience or a way to explore a new place.
  • He’s a thinker. Zach doesn’t take anything for face value. He is always processing things and taking them in and analyzing everything. I love this about him because he appreciates the littlest things in life. Dex is so similar. You can’t just hand him a toy. He wants to look at it and think about it from a distance before actually getting into playing with it. If you make a noise at him, he will just stare at your mouth for like 5 minutes before trying to make the noise himself.
  • He acts like a baby when he’s sick.  Zing!  (haha had the throw that one in there)

2014-03-30 13.30.49


Like Mother

  • Everyone says he has my eyes and nose. I knew from his ultrasound profile that he had my nose.
  • He scrunches his nose when he laughs/smiles. I love that he does this. There are several photos of me as a child opening an awesome Christmas gift and making this face and I totally still catch myself doing it now.
  • Super sensitive skin. Sorry babe.
  • Loves food. Like a lot and gets in a really bad mood when he’s hungry.
  • Bossy/leader. I don’t think I’m like this now but I know I was like this as a kid. Being first born I think I had a tendency to be a little bossy. Dex gets pretty frustrated when you get in his way or try to stop him from doing what he had planned on doing.
  • Quick learner. He picks up on things so fast. I was this way as a child and to this day when training for a new job I always get told that I’m so fast at picking up new concepts. I walked at 9 months, and potty trained after seeing my mom use the toilet one day and my mom has always said that whenever I was ready to do something, I just did it. No looking back.

There are so many more but these are the ones that have been standing out lately. Can’t wait to see these little lists grow longer as he gets older.

Thanks so much for reading!!



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