My First Mother’s Day

2014-05-11 14.33.18

This mother’s day was a special one. Not only was it my first official mother’s day but it’s the first mother’s day in like 5 years that I’ve been home to spend it with my mama. Where Zach and I live now is about a 6 hour drive from where we both grew up, so getting to be home with my family was amazing.  We spent the day having a backyard BBQ at my sister’s house. It was so awesome having both babies together (my sister’s and mine) and the weather was perfect!!

2014-05-14 11.55.48

Motherhood so far has been the best experience of my life. It has also been the most challenging and has made me to look at things in my life, and qualities in myself in a totally different way. My priorities have shifted. The things I used to put too much time into are now special treats and qualities like patience and sacrifice are things I hold in the highest regard. Motherhood has been beautiful and quiet and loud and messy and stressful and natural and hard…like super hard but to me, nothing feels more like home than being a mom. It often feels weird even saying I’m a mom. It’s hard to wrap my head around that sometimes. I will watch movies where someone gives birth and I can not believe that’s how Dexter got here. I honestly can barely remember. I think it’s because my brain is now flooded with new moments and memories every day that it’s so hard to remember way back then.  Our bond is growing stronger by the day and I can tell that him and I have something that I will never have with anyone else and that is worth everything to me. I willingly give up my plans, my old body, eating warm food, and sleeping through the night for him and even though somedays it’s so hard, I will never ever look back.

On the drive home from Brockville Dexter woke up and started crying right as we were passing through Toronto. Nothing would sooth him so we found Old MacDonald (a sure way to calm him down) on Zach’s iPhone. Sure enough, he was silent. We were going insane listening to this song a hundred times in a row and for a minute in I thought to myself, “Ughhh is this my life?” About as soon as I thought that, the phone died and Old MacDonald was no more. About a second after that, Dexter started crying again and Zach (honestly, my husband is incredible) picked pretty much where the iPod left off. He did the verses and decided which animals were on the farm and I had to come up with the noises. Dexter quieted down again and I realized that this was probably one of the best moments of my mom life so far. My husband, exhausted from a long drive is singing the most annoying song ever with a smile on his face and my baby boy in the back, smiling and soothed by our voices.

And that’s exactly how it is. Even in the most exhausting moments. Even when you think you miss your old life. Even when you have listened to Old Macdonald 34 times in a row…if your baby is smiling, there is nothing you wouldn’t do and no place you would rather be.

Hope all you mama’s had an awesome day! And if you’re not a mama that you showered the mamas in your life with love!

2014-05-14 11.51.34

2014-05-14 11.52.17

2014-05-14 11.55.48




2014-05-14 11.55.07

2014-05-14 12.00.07

2014-05-14 11.56.52

2014-05-14 11.58.06

2014-05-14 11.57.34

OHH and Dex stood on his own this weekend!! AHHHH

2014-05-14 11.50.58

I also got to catch up with one of my closest friends Lindsay! Her little baby Ben is the cuuuutest and Dex and him instantly hit it off on our park date! So thankful for mama friends like her!

2014-05-14 12.01.05

2014-05-12 16.24.14


Thanks so much for reading!!




2 thoughts on “My First Mother’s Day

  1. It was the best read ever! Picturing Zach singing and you doing the animal sounds made me grin from ear to ear, remembering those special moments on our car rides. Parenting changes you forever and will continue to get better and better. xox

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