Weekend Recap // Where the HECK have I been?

Okay sooo I know I have been so MIA lately! If you follow me on instagram you will already know most of this. If not, here it goes. If you hadn’t heard I started a new blog with my best friend and twin mama Natalie Young. We have been working so hard on launching and preparing content for that blog that I have slacked a little a lot on this one. Now that the dust has settled a little bit I will be back blogging more personal/family posts here at Oh Baby Havens. The new blog, Three Little Crowns, is going to be a little less personal and feature more DIY, recipes, style, beauty tutorials and other mom things that we are into. What happened was, I was getting a ton of emails and requests on Oh Baby Havens to do beauty posts, product reviews, cloth diapering posts etc. I do LOVE writing about all those things but in the end I felt that Oh Baby Havens is more of a memory book for me and Dex and I imagined him being older and reading through the blog (I know, I know, he will be a teenage boy and not care like AT ALL about my blog but a mama can dream right) and come across all these product reviews and his mom doing her makeup and it just didn’t seem to align with my original vision for this blog. So – for updates, family adventures and thoughts on motherhood Oh Baby Havens is your jam. For style, beauty, DIY, mom life and twin mama tips, product reviews, giveaways and a ton of other topics we love chatting about you MUST check out Three Little Crowns and follow us on instagram. Hope that’s not too confusing and that you will follow Natalie and I on our new blogging adventure. It’s been such an awesome start and we have so many awesome things planned for the rest of the summer! Today we have our first style post. We are showing you how to style some of our summer style staples 2 different ways!! Here is a sneak peek :)


Now, let’s get you caught up!

I never do a weekend recap because to be quite honest our weekends aren’t that exciting.   Mostly just hanging out on our deck, making yummy food and staying in comfy clothes all day. Not something I think you guys are dying to see photos of. This past weekend though was one for the books blog. We had so much fun and now that Dexter is sleeping so much better we were able to be a lot more flexible and go out a bit! Hallelujah! It was the weekend that never ended and we are so thankful for that. I remembered to snap some iPhone photos (yes!) and thought we would do a little weekend post! Hope everyone had an awesome Canada day and 4th of July!

My mom visited this week! It was so amazing seeing her and Dex interact and even more amazing having a friend around to hang out with when Dex was asleep or just someone to talk to while we shopped. We spent the week making yummy meals, drinking tea, sitting out in the sun and taking endless iPhone photos of Dexter. She bought him all these cute festive Canada day things so he could celebrate in style!



Moccs are Stitches&Soles and we are obsessed! Use coupon code DEXTER for 10% off any mocc purchase!

LOVED having some girl time with my mom!



Kiddie pool hangs with his besties.


Friday we went to this awesome farm/zoo near us with our best friends and their twins! We didn’t know what to expect but it ended up being so legit and having Zebras, Lions and even this huge anaconda snake! I know Dex is a little young to enjoy the zoo but it was cute showing him different animals and just walking around together.







Saturday my husband and I went on our first date night since February! We couldn’t believe it when we realized how long it had been. We do a ton of fun and romantic things together but Dex is always around or asleep but still there. It was so nice to get glammed up and go out to an amazing steak dinner! We only got one pic because we promised to keep it a phone free date! Best. decision. ever.



Sunday was the usual. Church (we walked to church which was awesome) and then just backyard hangs and chasing this little monkey all over the place. His walking is getting amazing. It scares me and makes my heart explode with pride every day. 


Essie Fiji – all day. every day!



ALSO – I tried Jamberry nails and holy moly these are amazing! If you are a mom and give an average of like 2 baths a day these will change your life. Mine lasted over a week with no chips before I took them off because I thought the popsicle print (!!!!) was a little much for a wedding I was attending but they would have lasted way longer! I am actually obsessed!


And here’s a shot from that wedding I just mentioned. Congrats to some of our best friends Justyn and Krista!


Alright, thats it! I know this post was all over the place but they don’t call it a weekend photo dump for nothing! Hope you guys had an amazing weekend and that your monday is off to a good start!

xoxox B



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