My Daily Routine on Three Little Crowns

Confession time, I’m SO not organized. I thrive on spontaneity and love just going with the flow. Schedules make me uncomfortable. There is something in me that as soon as a schedule is developed I think I subconsciously go out of my way to suggest an impromptu froyo date right when Dex should be napping or make plans with a girlfriend that is going to throw us right off. I am so thankful for my husband’s grace in this area because he likes to be super organized and relies heavily on structure and routine (he’s an accountant, I’m a makeup artist – I think that pretty much sums it up.)

Today at 11 months, we finally have our routine down (for now). Check it out over at my other blog Three Little Crowns!

Have a great weekend!

Britt-6-Mxo Britt



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