Dexter’s First Birthday

This past Saturday we threw Dexter his first birthday party! We had it in our backyard and invited about 30 friends and family to come celebrate with us. I had been watching the forecast all week and it wasn’t looking good. So we prayed and prayed and by Saturday the forecast looked clear until about 6pm. Zach and I spent the morning setting up and getting our backyard all pretty. The weather was holding out and I thought for sure we would make it. We waited for our guests to arrive at one and I kid you not, the clock struck 1 and down came the rain! It wasn’t pouring or anything but with all the babies and kids we moved most of the party inside. It still ended up being an amazing time with our closest friends and family and we felt so blessed that everyone came to celebrate our little man turning one!

We kept the food simple and served pulled pork sandwiches, caesar salad, quinoa salad, watermelon and our favourite popcorn. We also had a mini candy bar (Dinosaur eggs) and some neon pixi sticks. Unfortunately all the food didn’t make it outside due to the rain, but it was delish!

Dexter devoured his whole cake. I thought he might pick at it but he crushed it. He was so cautious at first and just flung the sprinkles around but as soon as I gave him some icing on my finger he was all over it. We had to give him a bath the minute the cake eating was over! I made his cake myself and used a stencil to make a little sprinkle neon dinosaur on top.

It was such an amazing day! I was so bummed about the rain because there is nothing I love more than planning a perfect party but it’s not the decorations or weather that make it perfect. It’s our friends and family and the love they all share for this birthday boy that made our party perfect!

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