Baby Number TWO!

Hey guys! Welcome (or maybe it’s welcome back) to my little family blog! I started this blog to be able to document and follow my first pregnancy (Dexter born August 19th 2013) and now that I’m expecting baby number TWO in June I figured I would get back into it. It’s so fun being able to document all the little details and look back on them. I especially love now that I am pregnant again, comparing how I felt each week with Dexter to how I’m feeling now! Totally different pregnancy so far!


I took a little break from this blog and it became super sporadic. Which worked for me at the time because I would rather be spending time with my busy toddler, than blogging about him and Lord knows, he doesn’t give me a whole lot of free time. I also was working on another blog with my best friend Natalie. This blog has been my priority and I would love for you to follow along there as well! It’s more of a lifestyle blog where we post recipes, DIY projects, favourite toddler products, beauty and style posts and anything else we are feeling inspired by! I will be posting some pregnancy stuff over on Three Little Crowns (fave products, must haves, etc)  but I’ll be posting more of the personal pregnancy stuff here along with super amateur iphone photos (just being honest) and family/bump updates.

We recently did a family shoot with Mint Photography to announce our pregnancy and capture some family photos before our new baby arrives. It’s nice being able to capture our little family of three since it will only be the three of us for another 6 months!! Natalie did such an amazing job!! It was so cold and Dex was so grumpy but you would never know by these gorgeous shots. Thanks so much Natalie – we are obsessed!

havens-2 havens-115 havens-88 havens-108 havens-25 havens-44 havens-20 havens-47

havens-53havens-114 havens-101 havens-85 havens-76 havens-64 havens-50 havens-37 havens-13 havens-3

Thanks so much for reading! Tomorrow I’m sharing a first trimester recap and the surprise story of how we found out about baby number 2!!

Photos by Mint Photography –  @_mintphotography

Makeup by Makeup by Brittany –   @makeupbybrit


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