Pregnancy Update: 25 Weeks

Tomorrow I’ll be 25 weeks pregnant! I had a total meltdown last night when I realized how soon this baby is coming and how much we still have to do. Things are truly so so different the second time around. In some ways it’s much harder but in other ways I actually like it a lot more. I think this time around I feel so much more connected to the baby because I know what I’m getting at the end of all this. That sounds so weird but the first time around, you don’t yet understand how much love you will have for your child. I hadn’t experienced nursing yet, or those moments you share with only your baby. The first time around it was almost so alien, so strange. People would explain things to me but I had yet to experience it for myself. This time I am experiencing pregnancy as a mother. This time, I have Dex, a perfect example of what is to come and it makes me just so much more excited to meet this baby and experience all those little moments with him or her.

2015-02-24 19.18.10

2015-02-24 19.19.07

I wanted to change up the questions this time around so I took some of these from my sweet friend Allison’s blog! She’s expecting now too if you guys want to follow along with her as well!

How far along are you?: 25 weeks! yeah right!

Baby is: Awesome! kidding, kind of. I think I’m supposed to say: 14 inches long and about a pound and a half!

Movement: Crazy movement. From 16 weeks on I swear I can feel every move this baby makes. My placenta was at the front last time, so I never felt Dex like this. It’s super fun to be able to even feel little rolls and sharp things like (what I can only assume are) feet and knees and elbows. Dex was chill in the womb and chill when he came out so we might be in trouble with this babe!

Total weight gain/loss: I’m up 15 lbs. Which is way more than I had gained at this point with Dexter. But, I’m feeling good and eating well and happy with that!

Maternity clothes?: Yes – I got the most amazing jeans from H&M that make me feel stylish again! For shirts, I’m still just sizing up or getting long tees and tanks! H&M is really the best for all things maternity – whether it’s in that section or not. I also love the maternity line from

Belly button in or out?: Almost out – and it never came all the way out with Dexter at all – so that’s different!

Stretch marks?: No not yet, but I’m crazy itchy and I think that’s connected somehow. I didn’t have an itchy belly with Dex until I was like 36 weeks!

Obsessing over: New baby shopping and nursery decorating! I’ve been pinning like crazy and working with an amazing e-designer on the new room! It’s hard when we don’t know the gender but we are going to prepare the best we can and then buy the gender specific touches after the baby is here.

2015-02-23 14.41.16

(cutest new organic swaddle blanket from Darling Littles – softest swaddle blanket I’ve ever felt!)

Sleep: Insomnia has hit me hard! I had it in the first trimester big time and now it is back. It feels like I drank a double americano at 1 am and then tried to go to sleep. My eye muscles literally hurt from trying to keep my eyes closed. Maybe it’s my body trying to give me a taste of what my new life will be like. Up all night, then up with a wild toddler all day. (I CAN do this, I CAN do this!)

Favorite moment this week: Hmmm – not going to lie it’s been an uneventful week. I guess the best part had nothing to do with babies/pregnancy at all but my amazing mother in law came over to watch Dex while I went out for the morning shopping alone! I hit up David’s tea, Lush and H&M and it was magical! Do i feel guilty that the best moment didn’t involve my babies? A little – but Dex saying “mama” for the thousandth time is the best part of my day and I thought that might be a little expected haha

2015-02-25 11.30.13

Working on: Our house. We are finishing up our bedroom then onto the new nursery, Dexter’s toddler room and a playroom in the basement. We were so confident that we could easily get all this done before the baby back in December and now I’m starting to freak out! At the end of the day the LAST thing I want to do is put together furniture or paint a room but it needs to get done. Waaah.. We will get there.

Thinking about: The birth. Always. Sometimes I lose sleep over it. I’m planning a VBAC (vaginal birth after cesarian) and feeling all kinds of anxious about how it will go. I know it is the right choice for me and I am so excited at the possibility of it happening but there are so many factors that can throw things off. I know this baby will get here how it gets here and that God has it all planned out but I’m still thinking about this whole VBAC thing alllll the time! (If you have had a VBAC I would love love love to hear from you!!!)

Currently craving: I barely had any cravings this time around until like this past week! Lately, I will think of something and nothing else will do until I have it. I’m loving orange juice, candy (like those 5c fruit candies), pizza, cucumber/tomato/feta salad, watermelon and ice cream.

2015-02-22 14.33.15

Anything make you sick or queasy?: No nothing. I have thankfully been nausea free since around 16 weeks, and it was BAD this time around so I’m so so so happy about that.

What are you most looking forward to?: Meeting this baby and finding out whether it’s a boy or a girl!! (spoiler alert – that will be my answer every week). Last time, we didn’t find out the gender and it was so easy. I was never tempted at all. This time, I am DYYYYING not knowing what it is. I think it’s because last time I was like 99% sure it was a boy in my heart. This time I have no feelings either way at all! I am just dying to know who it is and meet him/her and give them a name and a room in our home. Now that this child exists it just feels like our family isn’t complete until he/she is here. I am however, really working on soaking up my last couple months with one child and being able to spend all my time with Dex – so I’m also just looking forward to that – just the end of this chapter and the beginning of the next.

2015-02-25 11.31.13

Thanks so much for reading!

ps. SO many selfies in this post – just realized haha tired of the back of my phone yet? Me too. :)



Dexter’s One Year Update

2014-08-04 22.27.15This is it! It’s my last monthly update for Dex. It was so fun doing these and I love being able to look back and remember all his little milestones. After this I might just update every 3-5 months as it can be a little repetitive. Thanks so much for following along on Dexter’s first year! I was gonna write a little “One Year Letter” to him on the blog but I started and I couldn’t stop bawling so I just decided to write it down the old fashioned way and save it for just him.
2014-08-03 15.38.30

On to the update! Sidenote: Don’t mind the iphone photos. I wanted this post to be super real and sometimes your fave pics of your kids are the worst quality, blurry, iphone ones. These photos show how I really know him and he is much more himself when I’m not trying to make him pose.

Weight: At his one year appointment he was 22 lbs and has almost lost all his baby rolls! Waaaaahhhh

Sleep: Guys it happened!!!! Dex is officially sleeping through the night!! I think weaning was the main reason. As soon as he started weaning he stopped waking up in the night to eat. I guess a bottle isn’t really worth it for him, at least not as worth it as a boob. We also started to let him cry/fuss for longer periods of time and attempt to put himself to sleep. We did one hard night :( but after that he was good to go. As much as I really miss nursing, I am a new woman now that he sleeps right through!

2014-08-04 13.39.53
2014-08-04 14.11.00 2014-08-04 14.15.05

Eating: He loves food! He ate his whole cake at his bday and honestly eats anything we eat. His favourite foods are pickles (like mama), tomatoes, naan bread, and toast! He doesn’t like peas, broccoli or potato in any form (unless it’s a french fry – don’t judge me).

Clothing: He is in 12-18 month clothing.

Mood:  Honestly he is such a chill boy. He is so easy going and such a happy boy. He is adventurous with some things and super timid with others. He can get frustrated if things aren’t going his way or if he falls or can’t open something. It’s kind of adorable….for now. ;)

2014-08-05 14.59.27

2014-08-10 14.13.22-1 2014-08-10 17.32.57 2014-08-11 12.21.49


  • Reading. He loves books where you lift a flap or feel a texture. He is obsessed with turning pages. You need to speed read through the whole story.
  • Walking – he is soooo over his stroller and wants to walk/run everywhere. It’s fun walking around stores with him just holding hands.
  • Music and Dancing. He just now started to dance. We are a super musical family so we thought he would be grooving sooner than this but now he wont stop. He has one move and it’s basically like a half squat over and over again.
  • When Zach gets home from work. Best time of his whole day!!

2014-08-18 15.45.35

2014-08-18 15.46.46

What I Want to Remember:

Shoot, so much! This whole past year. His birthday. The way he kisses with his mouth wide open. Our nursing journey – since we are just weaning now and I know I will miss this so much. The way he tries to mimic the sound of the kettle after it makes it’s boiling sound. The way he calls anything with fur a dog. His first word “ball”.  Mostly just the little things. Our plain and simple days together. He knows me in my truest form and I’m honestly the most “me” when I’m with him. I pray this continues on for our whole lives together. Ok. No Crying. Next question.

Looking Forward To: 

  • Him getting older and talking more. He’s turning into a little toddler and it’s sometimes hard for me but so exciting!!
  • Being able to play more with him and dance together and make things together.
  • Him becoming a sibling in the future, or us getting a dog. I just love seeing him interact with others!

These are all pics from his actual birthday (not his party) such an awesome day spent just the three of us out in the sun!

2014-08-19 11.42.57

2014-08-19 13.20.11

(twinning – always ^)

2014-08-19 17.36.55 2014-08-19 17.42.03-1

Thanks so much for following along throughout this first year! I have honestly loved blogging all of these little milestones and can’t wait to look back on them for years to come!

xo Britt

Dexter’s 10 Month Update

10 Months old – this is my second last update before he is ONE! This month he learned to walk which is super exciting! Keep reading for what else is new and some pics that may or may not be shown at his wedding.

Weight: We haven’t had him weighed since his 6 month appointment. If I had to guess I would say around 24lbs. He is so much more mobile now and leaning out a lot.


Sleep: This question never has one answer. Some nights good and some nights, usually the very next night, so so bad. We finally taught him to put himself to sleep using a sleep training method we totally made up on the spot but it worked. No bouncing, no nursing, no patting on the bum until I fall asleep hanging half into the crib. So that is good. He is still needing to eat once in the night and he still wakes up so early I could cry but it’s all a part of it. We will survive.

Eating: Dex doesn’t mess around with eating (see photo below). He eats 3 small meals a day and is still nursing . He is starting to..I’m not gonna call it “wean” but I can tell he is totally losing interest in nursing. I have always heard mamas say how difficult it is to wean their babies and I have dreaded it. But while Dex has always been an awesome nurser I have always known that he doesn’t really care how he gets it. Bottle, breast, solid food it doesn’t seem to matter. He has always switched back and forth easily. Maybe I’m wrong because obviously we haven’t tried this but, I feel like starting tomorrow I could only ever bottle feed him and he wouldn’t mind a bit. His priority is food (wonder where he gets that from -haha) and as long as his belly is full he’s happy. He just doesn’t seem to be able to stay still long enough to get a good feed. Why lay here and nurse when I could crawl around and eat fruit at the same time?




Diapers:  Everything is the same here. BUT we have had to retire a lot of our velcro cloth diapers because SOMEONE learned how to remove his own diaper. Once while he was waking up from a nap. And the diaper was NOT clean. Like not even close. So that was fun.



Clothing: I’m buying him mostly 12-18 months now. I always buy bigger because once you wash, his clothes shrink quite a bit. I am loving his size right now though because it is staying pretty consistent. At the beginning there is this HUGE growth curve and I would buy him something cute and it would fit him for 3 weeks. Now, I know the stuff I’m buying him will fit him well into fall.

Other exciting news. Dex was chosen to be a brand rep for an amazing baby moccasin brand called Stitches&Soles. These moccasins are so soft! They come in the most amazing colours and are the easiest moccs to get on that we have ever tried. She just launched a bunch of new colours and incredible sequin moccasins!

These moccs are already super affordable but right now if you use the coupon code DEXTER you can get 10% off your order! Go go go! 


Mood:  Happy. Lately he has been so happy! Dex has always been pretty chill but not much of a laugher. He is really pensive and if you do something funny he usually wants to process it for a couple minutes then he will give you a little laugh.


Lately though, he walks around all day laughing. He scrunches his nose (like me) and shows all of his teeth and it just about puts tears in my eyes. I’m obsessed with this kid.


Honestly. That photo makes me feel like I have a 3 year old. Gahh!


▪   Peekaboo. He loves this. Now he does the hiding and peeking part by pulling a blanket over his face and waiting a couple seconds before quickly pulling it down.

▪  Bath/swimming/water. Easily the best part of his day is the time spent in water.

▪   Opening drawers and cupboards. He found them and has pinched his fingers no less than 20 times this past week. We bought those little baby proofing cupboard things this week which drive my husband insane. Those things can literally be installed for like a year and every. single. time. you go to open that cupboard you forget it’s there. GAHH!! This is our life now. The parent transformation is complete.

▪   Puppies. Walks. Flowers. Birds. Cars. Music. Life. He is discovering so much now and it’s amazing to watch.


Doesn’t Love:

▪   Some veggies. He started off liking everything but now we have noticed that if we don’t hold the fruit back until he eats the non-sweet foods he will only eat the fruit and throw the rest on the floor.

▪   Grass. He bear crawls on grass because he doesn’t like it touching his legs. In his defence it has been so hot here our grass feels like straw.


What I Want to Remember:

▪   Your first steps. You walked this past week. I can’t even put into words how it feels to see my baby, the one I literally just birthed, walking around our home and yard on your own. You are fearless. You try to walk up the slide, you want to try stairs. You are so persistent and motivated and are happiest when moving around as fast as you can. I think I’m in trouble. I’m so proud of you Dex. You are becoming so independent and it’s bittersweet but I know it’s how it’s supposed to be.


▪   The way you turn the pages when we read together. OH and this is new. You have started to realize how we react to things you do. Now, if you are standing and fall on your bum and we laugh you stand up and do it over and over and over again just to get a rise out of us. We sit there laughing and acting surprised and we would do it for hours because you are trying so hard to make us smile. Not very long ago these roles were reversed and I would do anything, and I mean anything to get a giggle out of you.

▪ When you crawl you crawl on one knee and with one foot up. I think it helps you go faster. It’s the cutest thing and as a result your one foot gets like filthy by the end of the day. It’s probably my favourite photo from the entire month. I swear I clean my floors!


Looking Forward To:

 ▪   I am really looking forward to his first birthday but to be honest, this moment I really just want time to stand still. I have like one more update before he is a year old and I’m so excited but sad to be coming to the end of our first year. I always say to my husband how I’m so frustrated that I can’t remember everything. I was thinking the other day about what my favourite moments with Dex have been and I think my favourites are the ones I can’t even remember. The small, quiet moments that I protect from my iPhone and social media. Just him and I doing something super normal and routine but it’s the best moment because of his laugh or smile or the way his hand grazes my arm to make sure I’m still close by. Waaaah.. Excited for next week and next month and his birthday but also holding on to today and not looking too far ahead.


8 Month Update

While we were on vacation (the day we traveled home) Dexter turned 8 months old. You know how everyone says every stage is better than the last? Well this month I feel that way more than ever. Zach and I constantly say to each other how 8 months is our absolute favourite so far. He is getting so much more talkative and laughs all the time. He is also starting to cuddle more (finally) and have a preference for certain games, food and toys.

photo by: Mint Photography

                                                     photo by: Mint Photography

This is probably not the best time to write this update because since coming back from our vacation sleep/eating/mood has all been thrown way off. I’ll do my best to accurately tell you where we are at!

Weight: We haven’t had him weighed since his 6 month appointment. If I had to guess I would say around 21-22lbs. He is so much more mobile now and leaning out a little bit.

IMG_7616His face/hair in the morning is my favourite!

Sleep: Sleep is okay. In Jamaica he slept horribly. New place, a weird rickety crib and all that sun totally threw him for a loop. Now that we are home he is getting his second top tooth and has a cold (we both caught one on the flight) so still not sleeping well. Since we got home I literally feel like I have totally forgotten how to parent him and be a mom. It’s taking some time getting back into our routine and until then I always feel like I’m second guessing myself. So instead of worrying too much about the sleep thing right now we are in survival mode until this tooth cuts through and this cold passes. Sleeping whenever and wherever by any means necessary.

Eating: Eating is going really well. We have always done a bit of a mix of purees and bigger pieces of soft food and I’m noticing more and more that Dex prefers to feed himself. He will try to grab the spoon out of my hand, or just grab the puree off the end of the spoon (not possible) and put his whole hand in his mouth. So this week we tried toast with coconut oil, asparagus and some pasta pieces. He did great and loved the asparagus most. Right now we do a breakfast (usually toast and banana or avocado) and a dinner (usually whatever we are eating) and still nursing before and in-between meals.

Diapers:  Cloth diapering. No new diapers but so many of you have asked me for a review of the different brands I use so I’ll start working on that post for you guys!

2014-04-01 11.54.29


Just chewing on a YSL mascara. This is why we can’t have nice things.

Clothing: Dex wears 9-12 or 12 month clothing and size 2 shoes and moccs.

Also something fun for the clothing category. Dex was chosen to be one of the brand enthusiasts for one of our favorite baby shops Sugar Plum Lane Baby Boutique. They are such an incredible brand! Their prints are unique and their glittery/gold girl’s pieces are making me long for a little girl one day! Please check them out!

Mood:  His mood is always super chill/laid back. Obviously he’s not loving it right now with a cold and a top tooth sloooowly making its way through his gums but honestly he’s still so happy. He has been so much more expressive lately. He is easier to make laugh and has really started to mimic us and get our attention.



▪   The beach/sand! I knew this would be the case because he is obsessed with water but this kid was in his element on the beach in Jamaica. Splashing and digging his toes into the sand. He loved watching the waves come in and sitting in the shallow water.


▪   Swimming – he loved the pool in Jamaica too, we brought a floaty for the water and he kicked and splashed all day.

▪   Seeing other babies – he gets so excited when I hold him up to other babies. Makes me feel like he’s going to be such a people person like his dad.

▪   Peekaboo and singing songs – I have tried to play peekaboo with him since he was so little and never got any reaction now he is obsessed. I play it while he sits in his high chair and I hide below the tray. He also loves songs. It’s the only way to keep him on his back during a diaper change. ‘Old McDonald’ is my current go-to but instead of normal farm animals we pick different non-farm animals or other random objects to be on the farm. (Snakes, babies, dolphin..keeps it interesting)

2014-04-05 18.09.07

Doesn’t Love:

▪   Teething and everything it involves. I feel like this is never going to end. We are at 4 teeth and working on his 5th.

▪   The heat. One thing I did notice was how annoyed and hot he got while we were away. Obviously, it was crazy hot and coming from Canada we are so not used to dealing with that but we did our best. Also HATED the sun in his eyes but also hated his sunglasses  and wearing a hat sooo.. lose/lose/lose there.

▪   Being told “No” or having a toy taken away. Just this month he has started to really cry when I take something from him that he shouldn’t have. Which is every 4 minutes thanks to his busy ways. Enormous tears form in about 8 seconds but then he’s over it when he spots a shiny dime over across the living room floor and the cycle repeats itself. All. Day. Long.

▪   Mashed potatoes. We have tried them several times and he will literally spit them out of his mouth, make 2 fists and twist his face up for a good minute or two. It’s the hardest I have ever laughed at him. Obviously not obsessed with carbs like his mama. It’s probably for the best.

What I Want to Remember:

▪   Our trip to Jamaica. Looking back it already feels like a blur. It was busy and different from a baby-less trip but I wouldn’t have it any other way. He was so happy and although he will never remember it, it was such an awesome time spent with family and seeing Dex experience new things. (PS. The mom transformation is complete. Check out this one piece. Haha. I actually wore a bikini most of the time but couldn’t resist this ruffled black one piece when I saw it.)


▪   He is going through such a mommy stage right now. Maybe is his cold or tooth but he will cry a bit when he is passed to someone else. He gets over it pretty quick and goes about his squealing and babbling. I secretly love it. There are going to be days ahead where I would do anything for him to want to be near me the way he does now .

2014-04-03 09.57.02

– His first Easter. Easter is one of my favourite holidays. He is still too young for eggs and what not and I didn’t bother making him an Easter basket this year but I did read him the Easter story and spent some time at my in-laws enjoying a delicious meal

2014-04-20 17.29.46

– Looking Forward To:

▪   Him dancing. I always dance in front of him, you know, trying to be a good influence. I literally can’t wait for that day!

▪   Real words. Currently too much of my day is spent having this conversation.

Me (everyday): “Say mama……(blank stare)..maaaamaaaa…(nothing)…mama, mama, mama. I’m mama. Say mama”

Dex: “raurauraurau.. eeeeeeeeehhhhhh”

Me: “no..MA-MA”

Dex: “rauu rauu rauu rauuuuu”

Thanks so much for reading. Vacation recap on its way!


7 Month Update

Hey guys! You might notice a new look to my blog! I’m going to be making a few more changes around here, but I’ll post on that tomorrow :) Today (because I’m already 2 days late) I’m posting Dexter’s 7 month update. How much do I suck that my last post was his 6 month update?? Well these new changes will have be blogging more consistently..can’t wait to share. IMG_6355

Bandana bib by Vonbon Apparel HERE

On to the update, so much is new! I can hardly stand how old he is getting. He’s hitting all these milestones and for a second I’ll be super proud of him and then I want to cry because he is becoming so independent. I feel like this should say 10 month update.  Seriously, slow down kid.

Weight: Got weighed last week and he was 20lbs. Grow baby grow. IMG_6660 Sleep: Ahhh sleep. So he is sleeping really well. Taking good naps, sleeping long chunks at night the HUGE problem is getting him down to sleep. We usually rock or nurse to sleep (I know, not for everyone but that’s what works for us right now) but we have noticed that slowly that 10 minute squat session that used to knock him right out has now stretched to almost 30-40min (at least my ass is looking good!). We just can’t spend 40min x 3-4 a day trying to get him to sleep. I don’t think we are ready for full on sleep training of any kind and when I read it it’s all about getting your babe to sleep through the night. Dex usually does about 6:30-7 bedtime, up at about 1:30 then up at 5:30 then up for good around 7:30. So for me waking up 2x a night is not that bad, I don’t mind. We just gotta get this whole going to sleep thing under control and help him learn to put himself to sleep sometimes. 2014-03-14 07.40.41 Eating: Solids are still going well. We are still only doing a meal around dinner time. He hasn’t met a food he doesn’t like yet so that’s good. Baby led weaning has been a bit of a challenge. No matter what I give him he manages to take enormous chunks off and try to immediately swallow. This is probably not a big deal but to me it’s a heart attack every single meal time. We will get there, slow and steady. He’s just such a ravenous eater that he doesn’t know how to not inhale food.

Diapers:  Still cloth diapering. Still size 3 in disposables. New cloth diaper favourites are the Flip system and Bum Genius All-In-Ones. The Flip system has totally changed our cloth diaper lives!

Clothing: He is 9-12 or 6-12 clothing size now. I’ll be showing his Jamaica suitcase sometime in the next 2 weeks where I’ll feature a lot of his new spring clothes! Also, I’m dying over the new summer Baby Gap stuff!! IMG_6576 Mood:  Mood is not so good. He’s been pretty tired lately and I feel like he is cutting a top tooth because he wants to pull his ear right off. (We got him checked for an ear infection and he was all clear) IMG_6354

Bandana Bib by Vonbon HERE

  Loves: ▪   Pulling himself up and crawling. This has changed everything. It is so amazing seeing him crawl and discover things and find ways to climb however, the hardest days of motherhood for me have been since he has become mobile. You quickly realize that your house is a baby death trap and all you wanna do is lock him up but he isn’t having any of that. Being worn? No thanks. High chair? Too restrictive.  The only thing that satisfies him is using my hair and skin as leverage to climb up on me or scaling his change table. Good times. IMG_6537 IMG_6658 ▪   Food – he’s obsessed with eating. I put him in his high chair and he starts crying (because he would rather be on the ground) then, all I need to do is hold up his spoon while I’m standing in the kitchen and he is silent. He knows what’s coming. Silent, mouth open, bring me the food. IMG_6467 ▪   Other babes – We went back home this past weekend for my sisters bachelorette party and he was so interactive with my niece Ivy. (evidently, i didn’t get a pic) They were poking each other and laughing and babbling. I am so fortunate to have had a baby a week away from my sister and my sister in law. I can’t wait for more of this baby interaction. IMG_6574 ▪   Books – he has really stared to love books. The time he will sit with a toy the longest is when its a board book.

  • His family. I love how he doesn’t make strange yet. He loves being with anyone and everyone especially his grandparents and great grandparents! (check out those enormous feet)

IMG_6575 Doesn’t Love: ▪   Teething and everything it involves. ▪   Not being allowed to crawl off the edge of the bed, climb the bookshelf, eat the computer cord etc. I distract him with seflies. IMG_6429 What I Want to Remember: ▪   He crawled! At 6 and a half months he started army crawling, and within less than a week he could full on crawl. It’s insane. We caught it on video which was so awesome! My heart literally explodes with pride watching him discover a new skill. I could see his brain working and trying to move each hand separately until he was inching forward. The craziest thing is that my little baby has free will. If he wants to go somewhere, he goes. If he wants that toy over there, he just crawls over and gets it. Seriously, my heart! IMG_7397 ▪   He also learned to stand up in his crib by pulling himself up. This was around the same time as learning to crawl. Maybe a week later. IMG_6587 ^ we have since lowered the mattress.

▪    Laughs so hard when you tickle his belly. It’s the best.

Last thing – I have been tagged a bunch of times to do the whole no makeup selfie thing (which i think is awesome!!), but I was nervous so Dex was super supportive and did it with me. Here it is – for my blog readers. Real me, real mom life. This is how he knows me. IMG_6630 xox B

He’s SIX months old!

2014-02-19 14.52.44-2

6 months. Half a year. If you’re a mom and you’re reading this I don’t even need to say it but I’m going to anyway. How on earth did this happen? Where did the time go? Wasn’t he just inside? It’s been such a joy watching him grow so far. I honestly am a changed woman since knowing Dexter and I am so beyond blessed to be his mom. I miss having a little baby from time to time but this stage is still my favourite so far!

Update time…

2014-02-12 19.18.56

Weight: No idea. He hasn’t been weighed since his 4 month appointment. I think we go next week. Big. Super big.

2014-02-25 11.53.08

Sleep: Sleep is going well. Dex is getting awesome at putting himself to sleep. Like most babies he sleeps through the night one night and the next he is up 4 times.  Good times Dex. Currently he’s in bed around 730pm and still wakes at 12am and 5am. We’re getting there. His naps are 9:30 and 1 and sometimes a short nap at 4. I’m thinking about posting our daily schedule on here if anyone is interested.

2014-02-28 17.34.46

Eating: We started solids! It’s been going so well. This babe loves to eat! He is still nursing frequently but enjoying some solids for dinner around 5:30. He loves sweet potato, egg yolk, avocado, and banana.

2014-03-02 17.21.49

Diapers:  Still cloth diapering. Still loving it. We have changed some of our cloth diaper routine lately and it’s working even better than before. When he wears disposable diapers (for travel) he is a size 3 and we have been using The Honest Company.

2014-02-25 12.03.14

Clothing: He wears 6-12 or 9-12 month clothing now. I just did a ton of shopping with my mom for Dex for Jamaica and I can’t wait to see him in all his summer clothes. I’m going to be doing a post on things we bought for Jamaica. Preparing for a trip to Jamaica has been so fun, if I’m not careful buying things for Dex to wear in Jamaica will end up costing me more than the trip. No really.

2014-02-22 13.52.02

Sweater – Baby Gap HERE / Bandana Bib Vonbon HERE / Moccs Freshly Picked HERE

Mood:  He has been in the best mood lately. He is curious and always smiling. He loves attention (especially from the ladies) and is happiest in the mornings! He is such a thinker and it doesn’t take long for him to catch on to something new. He is generally pretty laid back like his Dad. :)

2014-02-22 17.01.20


▪   Trying to crawl. Forget the exersauser or jolly jumper or even being held. If this kid isn’t on the ground he is not happy. He is so close to crawling it scares me. He can get into the all fours position and bounce his little booty up and down. He can also do like a downward dog position right up on his hands and tip toes.

▪   Pureed Foods – As I mentioned we started some solids and he has been loving it. Can’t get it into his mouth fast enough!

▪   Swimming – We took him swimming for the first time and it was awesome. Mostly because he wore little baby swim trunks! I died.  Here’s a little peek. Ignore my running mascara, I had no idea he would be able to soak me with his splashing.

2014-02-16 18.49.13-1

▪   Babbling – he is getting so much more vocal and trying out new sounds every day. He always has Zach and I laughing with the weird noises he makes.

Doesn’t Love:

▪   Teething and everything it involves.

▪   Not being on the ground

▪   Being still – he is becoming so so active. He is not much of a snuggler and that kind of breaks my heart but I also love and embrace that he is a busy boy looking for adventure and wanting to be active all the time. I guess it makes the snuggly moments more sweet.

2014-02-28 09.08.37

What I Want to Remember:

▪   Got his second tooth at 26 weeks. Took it like a champ. WAY better than first tooth.

2014-02-18 09.05.04

▪   Took him for his first swim on family day (25 weeks). We wanted to start some little family day traditions and we thought swimming would be fun. We went to the Y and they have an awesome kiddie pool. Dex loved it! He splashed so much and didn’t want to get out. I love that he has no fear of the water.

▪    He learned to sit up on his own. I still hang close by just incase he face plants but he has got it down.  It totally freaks me out when I look over and he’s just sitting playing with his toys!

▪   He has started sleeping on his tummy every time. The first time he slept on his belly was his longest sleep ever and since that day I don’t think he has ever slept on his back again. He gets his bum up in the air and wedges both arms underneath his body like he is all swaddled.

▪   He learned to roll back to front. Thank God. We used to have to roll him once he got frustrated on his tummy but now he just rolls back on his own. Downside: he goes from back to tummy, back to tummy until he has rolled clear across our entire living room. No more leaving him alone on the floor while I do anything haha.

Thanks so much for reading guys! Means so much to me!

2014-02-18 09.06.05

How old does he look in this pic!?! My heart explodes.



Dexter’s 5 Month Update


I’m back and my baby isn’t sick anymore. Honestly – Hallelujah!! Having a sick baby was the most physically and emotionally draining experience since becoming a mom. I always felt anxious or helpless or guilty. Dex had a bad cold (RSV) for about a month and while, we are fortunate that was all it was, the first time your baby gets sick is a scary experience.  Anyway, we pretty much stayed inside and snuggled most of the time. This past week was the first time we got out socially in a long time and it felt so good!

Dex is 5 months old now and more fun than ever. Here is his monthly update just incase anyone was interested. :)

(sorry in advance for all the blurry photos – this baby is getting too wiggly to take a photo of and have it still be in focus)


Weight: 18lbs 9oz (I think hope he slowed down a little bit since being sick, or maybe just getting older, he is getting impossible to lift in his car seat)


Sleep: OH goodness!! This used to be going so well until he got sick. Between me being paranoid about his breathing and….okay mostly me being paranoid about his breathing (seriously, it sounded like he was breathing through a pinhole) we gave in and moved him back into our room. Then he was feeling better so we moved him back to his crib, then he cut a tooth. It’s so funny because from about 3 months Dex was drooling a lot and chewing a lot and I was always like “oh he must be teething” now that he is actually teething I feel like an idiot for thinking THAT was teething. Teething has turned our easygoing babe into a little monster. Honestly, my heart breaks for him because it seems quite painful but I barely recognize this kid. So he started waking up almost every hour and refused to nurse or go back to sleep. He would just wake up and cry until he fell back asleep, which usually took about 25-45 minutes. That was hard – too hard. So I brought him back into our room and he is sleeping a bit better again. Going to try him back in the crib again tonight.


Eating: Still nursing well. He has been showing some interest in our food so we are planning on starting him on some solids soon.


Diapers:  Dex is still in cloth diapers. My cloth diaper post is DONE and I’ll be posting it soon! Just wanted to get this update up on time. We tried out diapers by the Honest Company for travel and overnight and we LOVED them. By a long shot our favorite disposable diapers (they’re almost too cute to use). We love Seventh Generation diapers as well but they don’t have cute patterns so the choice is obvious.  We also tried the Honest wipes and love them too! So glad this company delivers to Canada now!

Clothing: Dex is into pretty much all 9-month clothing. Some random 6-month stuff fits him but once it’s washed it’s too tight so I’ve been buying him all 9 month to make sure it fits for a while. Right now I’m loving him in leggings, chunky sweaters, graphic tees and puffy vests. I still can’t find shoes that fit him.




Mood:  To be honest, he’s pretty miserable. This teething thing is kicking both our butts. He has moments of being chill but they are short lived.


▪   Exersaucer – This thing is the best. He could stand in it all day. We have a farm animal one and he just stands there trying to get every piece into his mouth.

▪   Me singing – I don’t sing. My family is super musical but I am brutal. Like hurt your ears brutal but I have been finding that Dex is soothed/distracted by me singing him to sleep so I’ve been doing that. I know the day is going to come where he realizes that I’m terrible and says “mom, stop singing” but for now he’s loving it. Some of my go tos are “Just Can’t Wait to be King”, “Skinny Love” and anything by Copeland.


▪   His Soother – FINALLY this kid takes a soother. We have been gently trying to get him to like a soother since day one and just now has he shown interest. He likes the Soothies brand.

Jolly Jumper – he’s obsessed. It’s almost dangerous how he rips around.


▪   His feet – I have to hold his legs down when changing him because as soon as the socks are off he must grab his feet. Him lying on his back holding both feet is probably my favorite thing this month.


Doesn’t Love:

▪   Teething and everything it involves.

What I Want to Remember:

▪   Him learning to grab his toes. Happened on Christmas day while I was changing his diaper

▪   Got his first tooth at 21 weeks. So sharp and cute.

▪   Got his high chair this week too. He can sit in it by himself and loves being up at our level.


▪    His first cold was at about 19 weeks and lasted until now. Not fun but something to remember.

▪   Him in the bath – No, this is my favorite thing of the month. We have started filling the big bath with an inch or 2 of water and laying him in it on his back. (Don’t worry we have a hand on him the whole time.) He LOVES this. I have never seen him go so wild. He flails and splashes and laughs. The bathroom floor pretty much gets soaked but it’s so worth it. When we take him out of the bath he just stares back at it longing to go back in. We gotta get this kid swimming he adores the water.

There you have it. 5 months with this little babe. It scares the crap out of me that my next update will be 6 months..half a year!!!?? NOO!!