Dexter’s One Year Update

2014-08-04 22.27.15This is it! It’s my last monthly update for Dex. It was so fun doing these and I love being able to look back and remember all his little milestones. After this I might just update every 3-5 months as it can be a little repetitive. Thanks so much for following along on Dexter’s first year! I was gonna write a little “One Year Letter” to him on the blog but I started and I couldn’t stop bawling so I just decided to write it down the old fashioned way and save it for just him.
2014-08-03 15.38.30

On to the update! Sidenote: Don’t mind the iphone photos. I wanted this post to be super real and sometimes your fave pics of your kids are the worst quality, blurry, iphone ones. These photos show how I really know him and he is much more himself when I’m not trying to make him pose.

Weight: At his one year appointment he was 22 lbs and has almost lost all his baby rolls! Waaaaahhhh

Sleep: Guys it happened!!!! Dex is officially sleeping through the night!! I think weaning was the main reason. As soon as he started weaning he stopped waking up in the night to eat. I guess a bottle isn’t really worth it for him, at least not as worth it as a boob. We also started to let him cry/fuss for longer periods of time and attempt to put himself to sleep. We did one hard night :( but after that he was good to go. As much as I really miss nursing, I am a new woman now that he sleeps right through!

2014-08-04 13.39.53
2014-08-04 14.11.00 2014-08-04 14.15.05

Eating: He loves food! He ate his whole cake at his bday and honestly eats anything we eat. His favourite foods are pickles (like mama), tomatoes, naan bread, and toast! He doesn’t like peas, broccoli or potato in any form (unless it’s a french fry – don’t judge me).

Clothing: He is in 12-18 month clothing.

Mood:  Honestly he is such a chill boy. He is so easy going and such a happy boy. He is adventurous with some things and super timid with others. He can get frustrated if things aren’t going his way or if he falls or can’t open something. It’s kind of adorable….for now. ;)

2014-08-05 14.59.27

2014-08-10 14.13.22-1 2014-08-10 17.32.57 2014-08-11 12.21.49


  • Reading. He loves books where you lift a flap or feel a texture. He is obsessed with turning pages. You need to speed read through the whole story.
  • Walking – he is soooo over his stroller and wants to walk/run everywhere. It’s fun walking around stores with him just holding hands.
  • Music and Dancing. He just now started to dance. We are a super musical family so we thought he would be grooving sooner than this but now he wont stop. He has one move and it’s basically like a half squat over and over again.
  • When Zach gets home from work. Best time of his whole day!!

2014-08-18 15.45.35

2014-08-18 15.46.46

What I Want to Remember:

Shoot, so much! This whole past year. His birthday. The way he kisses with his mouth wide open. Our nursing journey – since we are just weaning now and I know I will miss this so much. The way he tries to mimic the sound of the kettle after it makes it’s boiling sound. The way he calls anything with fur a dog. His first word “ball”.  Mostly just the little things. Our plain and simple days together. He knows me in my truest form and I’m honestly the most “me” when I’m with him. I pray this continues on for our whole lives together. Ok. No Crying. Next question.

Looking Forward To: 

  • Him getting older and talking more. He’s turning into a little toddler and it’s sometimes hard for me but so exciting!!
  • Being able to play more with him and dance together and make things together.
  • Him becoming a sibling in the future, or us getting a dog. I just love seeing him interact with others!

These are all pics from his actual birthday (not his party) such an awesome day spent just the three of us out in the sun!

2014-08-19 11.42.57

2014-08-19 13.20.11

(twinning – always ^)

2014-08-19 17.36.55 2014-08-19 17.42.03-1

Thanks so much for following along throughout this first year! I have honestly loved blogging all of these little milestones and can’t wait to look back on them for years to come!

xo Britt


Dexter’s First Birthday

This past Saturday we threw Dexter his first birthday party! We had it in our backyard and invited about 30 friends and family to come celebrate with us. I had been watching the forecast all week and it wasn’t looking good. So we prayed and prayed and by Saturday the forecast looked clear until about 6pm. Zach and I spent the morning setting up and getting our backyard all pretty. The weather was holding out and I thought for sure we would make it. We waited for our guests to arrive at one and I kid you not, the clock struck 1 and down came the rain! It wasn’t pouring or anything but with all the babies and kids we moved most of the party inside. It still ended up being an amazing time with our closest friends and family and we felt so blessed that everyone came to celebrate our little man turning one!

We kept the food simple and served pulled pork sandwiches, caesar salad, quinoa salad, watermelon and our favourite popcorn. We also had a mini candy bar (Dinosaur eggs) and some neon pixi sticks. Unfortunately all the food didn’t make it outside due to the rain, but it was delish!

Dexter devoured his whole cake. I thought he might pick at it but he crushed it. He was so cautious at first and just flung the sprinkles around but as soon as I gave him some icing on my finger he was all over it. We had to give him a bath the minute the cake eating was over! I made his cake myself and used a stencil to make a little sprinkle neon dinosaur on top.

It was such an amazing day! I was so bummed about the rain because there is nothing I love more than planning a perfect party but it’s not the decorations or weather that make it perfect. It’s our friends and family and the love they all share for this birthday boy that made our party perfect!

untitled-105 untitled-17 untitled-81 dex birthday-14 dex birthday-5 untitled-67 dex birthday-12 dex birthday-8
untitled-135 untitled-90-XL untitled-82-XL untitled-66-XL Dex Birthday-5 dexbdayy untitled-34-XL Dex Birthday-6 Dex Birthday-4 Dex Birthday 4 dexbday11 Dex Birthday-10 Dex Birthday-9

Early Morning Beach Date

I am always amazed at the way a baby has changed me. Sometimes it’s easy to focus on the things you lose or have to give up because of your new mommy status. Nights out, free time, showering, your old body, to name a few that I struggle with. But, there are so many qualities that Dex has brought out in me that I know I never would have realized without him.


This past week we visited my family at a cottage near by. Dex has been having a few rough nights but I was dying to spend some time with my dad so we went anyway. He was amazing during the day but had a tough night and after going to bed at 10:30 (!!!!) he woke several times in the night and then was up for the day at 6pm. I could barely move.  I wanted to sleep. I was so so mad. My instinct was to be frustrated at him even though I was the one who forced him WAY out of his routine. I thought back to when staying at a cottage meant sleeping in, bonfires and closing your eyes to relax on the beach. Not anymore.

No one else was up so I decided we would go down to the beach alone as to not wake anyone else up. I grabbed an apple juice for me, a coconut water for Dex and headed down the rocky path.

Once there, Dex got so excited. He was smiling so much, digging furiously in sand and squinting his eyes as the sun came up. He sipped his coconut water and kept reaching for my hand to make sure I was still with him. As I watched my precious son inhale deeply as the waves washed over his chubby feet my eyes filled with tears. I could actually feel the anger and frustration lift off of me. This was turning into my favourite morning we have ever spent together and I almost missed it because I wanted to keep sleeping. I felt guilty for thinking that laying in bed would be better than this. I felt guilty that I blamed him at all. Now there is nothing wrong with laying in bed and sleeping in would be heavenly but I wouldn’t trade our morning at the beach for anything.

I hate to admit this but in some many areas selflessness and sacrifice are not my default settings. In my heart I would do/give up anything for my son but when push comes to shove I sometimes feel more frustrated than I should. Lately I have been working on taking a step back and realizing that all those things I’m trying to hold onto are beyond insignificant compared to moments like this one with my son. I don’t always share these tough moments on social media. It’s not me trying to hide the realness, it’s they are mom lessons that I just need to work out in private. But sometimes, a moment like this really teaches me something and I want to share in hopes that someone else might relate.

It’s funny. You think you are just raising your child, you think that he was born and that you need to teach him but I am finding that he is teaching me, and that I was born on that day back in August too. I was born a mother. Do I like my body as much as I used to? Nah. Do I have free time and get to sleep in? Never…ever. But I love who I have become since having Dex. I love the traits he is helping me develop. I am so much happier with who I am on the inside.

My son, thank you for forcing my out of my comfort zone. When I am tired, your excitement for life is like 10 cups of coffee to my soul. When I am frustrated, you laugh, grab my hand and my anger melts away. When I want to be lazy and idle, your adventurous spirit reminds me that I can rest later, it might be in 3 more years, but it’s coming. In the meantime, lets have more 6am beach dates in our jammies. Love you.

IMG_9144 IMG_9145 IMG_9149 IMG_9150 IMG_9151




Thanks for reading!


My Daily Routine on Three Little Crowns

Confession time, I’m SO not organized. I thrive on spontaneity and love just going with the flow. Schedules make me uncomfortable. There is something in me that as soon as a schedule is developed I think I subconsciously go out of my way to suggest an impromptu froyo date right when Dex should be napping or make plans with a girlfriend that is going to throw us right off. I am so thankful for my husband’s grace in this area because he likes to be super organized and relies heavily on structure and routine (he’s an accountant, I’m a makeup artist – I think that pretty much sums it up.)

Today at 11 months, we finally have our routine down (for now). Check it out over at my other blog Three Little Crowns!

Have a great weekend!

Britt-6-Mxo Britt


Dexter’s 10 Month Update

10 Months old – this is my second last update before he is ONE! This month he learned to walk which is super exciting! Keep reading for what else is new and some pics that may or may not be shown at his wedding.

Weight: We haven’t had him weighed since his 6 month appointment. If I had to guess I would say around 24lbs. He is so much more mobile now and leaning out a lot.


Sleep: This question never has one answer. Some nights good and some nights, usually the very next night, so so bad. We finally taught him to put himself to sleep using a sleep training method we totally made up on the spot but it worked. No bouncing, no nursing, no patting on the bum until I fall asleep hanging half into the crib. So that is good. He is still needing to eat once in the night and he still wakes up so early I could cry but it’s all a part of it. We will survive.

Eating: Dex doesn’t mess around with eating (see photo below). He eats 3 small meals a day and is still nursing . He is starting to..I’m not gonna call it “wean” but I can tell he is totally losing interest in nursing. I have always heard mamas say how difficult it is to wean their babies and I have dreaded it. But while Dex has always been an awesome nurser I have always known that he doesn’t really care how he gets it. Bottle, breast, solid food it doesn’t seem to matter. He has always switched back and forth easily. Maybe I’m wrong because obviously we haven’t tried this but, I feel like starting tomorrow I could only ever bottle feed him and he wouldn’t mind a bit. His priority is food (wonder where he gets that from -haha) and as long as his belly is full he’s happy. He just doesn’t seem to be able to stay still long enough to get a good feed. Why lay here and nurse when I could crawl around and eat fruit at the same time?




Diapers:  Everything is the same here. BUT we have had to retire a lot of our velcro cloth diapers because SOMEONE learned how to remove his own diaper. Once while he was waking up from a nap. And the diaper was NOT clean. Like not even close. So that was fun.



Clothing: I’m buying him mostly 12-18 months now. I always buy bigger because once you wash, his clothes shrink quite a bit. I am loving his size right now though because it is staying pretty consistent. At the beginning there is this HUGE growth curve and I would buy him something cute and it would fit him for 3 weeks. Now, I know the stuff I’m buying him will fit him well into fall.

Other exciting news. Dex was chosen to be a brand rep for an amazing baby moccasin brand called Stitches&Soles. These moccasins are so soft! They come in the most amazing colours and are the easiest moccs to get on that we have ever tried. She just launched a bunch of new colours and incredible sequin moccasins!

These moccs are already super affordable but right now if you use the coupon code DEXTER you can get 10% off your order! Go go go! 


Mood:  Happy. Lately he has been so happy! Dex has always been pretty chill but not much of a laugher. He is really pensive and if you do something funny he usually wants to process it for a couple minutes then he will give you a little laugh.


Lately though, he walks around all day laughing. He scrunches his nose (like me) and shows all of his teeth and it just about puts tears in my eyes. I’m obsessed with this kid.


Honestly. That photo makes me feel like I have a 3 year old. Gahh!


▪   Peekaboo. He loves this. Now he does the hiding and peeking part by pulling a blanket over his face and waiting a couple seconds before quickly pulling it down.

▪  Bath/swimming/water. Easily the best part of his day is the time spent in water.

▪   Opening drawers and cupboards. He found them and has pinched his fingers no less than 20 times this past week. We bought those little baby proofing cupboard things this week which drive my husband insane. Those things can literally be installed for like a year and every. single. time. you go to open that cupboard you forget it’s there. GAHH!! This is our life now. The parent transformation is complete.

▪   Puppies. Walks. Flowers. Birds. Cars. Music. Life. He is discovering so much now and it’s amazing to watch.


Doesn’t Love:

▪   Some veggies. He started off liking everything but now we have noticed that if we don’t hold the fruit back until he eats the non-sweet foods he will only eat the fruit and throw the rest on the floor.

▪   Grass. He bear crawls on grass because he doesn’t like it touching his legs. In his defence it has been so hot here our grass feels like straw.


What I Want to Remember:

▪   Your first steps. You walked this past week. I can’t even put into words how it feels to see my baby, the one I literally just birthed, walking around our home and yard on your own. You are fearless. You try to walk up the slide, you want to try stairs. You are so persistent and motivated and are happiest when moving around as fast as you can. I think I’m in trouble. I’m so proud of you Dex. You are becoming so independent and it’s bittersweet but I know it’s how it’s supposed to be.


▪   The way you turn the pages when we read together. OH and this is new. You have started to realize how we react to things you do. Now, if you are standing and fall on your bum and we laugh you stand up and do it over and over and over again just to get a rise out of us. We sit there laughing and acting surprised and we would do it for hours because you are trying so hard to make us smile. Not very long ago these roles were reversed and I would do anything, and I mean anything to get a giggle out of you.

▪ When you crawl you crawl on one knee and with one foot up. I think it helps you go faster. It’s the cutest thing and as a result your one foot gets like filthy by the end of the day. It’s probably my favourite photo from the entire month. I swear I clean my floors!


Looking Forward To:

 ▪   I am really looking forward to his first birthday but to be honest, this moment I really just want time to stand still. I have like one more update before he is a year old and I’m so excited but sad to be coming to the end of our first year. I always say to my husband how I’m so frustrated that I can’t remember everything. I was thinking the other day about what my favourite moments with Dex have been and I think my favourites are the ones I can’t even remember. The small, quiet moments that I protect from my iPhone and social media. Just him and I doing something super normal and routine but it’s the best moment because of his laugh or smile or the way his hand grazes my arm to make sure I’m still close by. Waaaah.. Excited for next week and next month and his birthday but also holding on to today and not looking too far ahead.


Weekend Recap // Where the HECK have I been?

Okay sooo I know I have been so MIA lately! If you follow me on instagram you will already know most of this. If not, here it goes. If you hadn’t heard I started a new blog with my best friend and twin mama Natalie Young. We have been working so hard on launching and preparing content for that blog that I have slacked a little a lot on this one. Now that the dust has settled a little bit I will be back blogging more personal/family posts here at Oh Baby Havens. The new blog, Three Little Crowns, is going to be a little less personal and feature more DIY, recipes, style, beauty tutorials and other mom things that we are into. What happened was, I was getting a ton of emails and requests on Oh Baby Havens to do beauty posts, product reviews, cloth diapering posts etc. I do LOVE writing about all those things but in the end I felt that Oh Baby Havens is more of a memory book for me and Dex and I imagined him being older and reading through the blog (I know, I know, he will be a teenage boy and not care like AT ALL about my blog but a mama can dream right) and come across all these product reviews and his mom doing her makeup and it just didn’t seem to align with my original vision for this blog. So – for updates, family adventures and thoughts on motherhood Oh Baby Havens is your jam. For style, beauty, DIY, mom life and twin mama tips, product reviews, giveaways and a ton of other topics we love chatting about you MUST check out Three Little Crowns and follow us on instagram. Hope that’s not too confusing and that you will follow Natalie and I on our new blogging adventure. It’s been such an awesome start and we have so many awesome things planned for the rest of the summer! Today we have our first style post. We are showing you how to style some of our summer style staples 2 different ways!! Here is a sneak peek :)


Now, let’s get you caught up!

I never do a weekend recap because to be quite honest our weekends aren’t that exciting.   Mostly just hanging out on our deck, making yummy food and staying in comfy clothes all day. Not something I think you guys are dying to see photos of. This past weekend though was one for the books blog. We had so much fun and now that Dexter is sleeping so much better we were able to be a lot more flexible and go out a bit! Hallelujah! It was the weekend that never ended and we are so thankful for that. I remembered to snap some iPhone photos (yes!) and thought we would do a little weekend post! Hope everyone had an awesome Canada day and 4th of July!

My mom visited this week! It was so amazing seeing her and Dex interact and even more amazing having a friend around to hang out with when Dex was asleep or just someone to talk to while we shopped. We spent the week making yummy meals, drinking tea, sitting out in the sun and taking endless iPhone photos of Dexter. She bought him all these cute festive Canada day things so he could celebrate in style!



Moccs are Stitches&Soles and we are obsessed! Use coupon code DEXTER for 10% off any mocc purchase!

LOVED having some girl time with my mom!



Kiddie pool hangs with his besties.


Friday we went to this awesome farm/zoo near us with our best friends and their twins! We didn’t know what to expect but it ended up being so legit and having Zebras, Lions and even this huge anaconda snake! I know Dex is a little young to enjoy the zoo but it was cute showing him different animals and just walking around together.







Saturday my husband and I went on our first date night since February! We couldn’t believe it when we realized how long it had been. We do a ton of fun and romantic things together but Dex is always around or asleep but still there. It was so nice to get glammed up and go out to an amazing steak dinner! We only got one pic because we promised to keep it a phone free date! Best. decision. ever.



Sunday was the usual. Church (we walked to church which was awesome) and then just backyard hangs and chasing this little monkey all over the place. His walking is getting amazing. It scares me and makes my heart explode with pride every day. 


Essie Fiji – all day. every day!



ALSO – I tried Jamberry nails and holy moly these are amazing! If you are a mom and give an average of like 2 baths a day these will change your life. Mine lasted over a week with no chips before I took them off because I thought the popsicle print (!!!!) was a little much for a wedding I was attending but they would have lasted way longer! I am actually obsessed!


And here’s a shot from that wedding I just mentioned. Congrats to some of our best friends Justyn and Krista!


Alright, thats it! I know this post was all over the place but they don’t call it a weekend photo dump for nothing! Hope you guys had an amazing weekend and that your monday is off to a good start!

xoxox B


Dexter’s 9 Month Update

Dexter is 9 months old and honestly, more fun than ever – Here’s a little recap of his month and what’s new with my main mini man!

2014-05-18 09.27.12

Wolf shorts – Sugar Plum Lane Baby Boutique

Weight: We haven’t had him weighed since his 6 month appointment. If I had to guess I would say around 22lbs. He is so much more mobile now and leaning out a lot even though that belly sometimes says otherwise.

2014-05-19 18.56.14

Sleep: Two days ago I would have said “horrible”. Then we tried a sleep training technique and that was a total fail and then the past 2 nights he has been the best sleeper ever!! Honestly, it changes every day.

Eating: He’s still an awesome eater. We have cut out purees completely because he just doesn’t like them anymore. He has been loving all the fresh fruits that this season brings.  I posted this photo of a typical lunch on Instagram this past week.

2014-05-26 17.37.29

Diapers:  Cloth diapering. No new diapers but so many of you have asked me for a review of the different brands I use so I’ll start working on that post for you guys!

Clothing: Dex wears 9-12 or 12 month clothing and size 2 shoes and moccs. I have been loving dressing him as her gets older and getting him into more toddler looking clothes and separates and less baby stuff. So stylish!

2014-05-19 18.55.28

Triangle Shorts : (also) Sugar Plum Lane Baby Boutique // Moccs : Freshly Picked 

Mood:  His mood has been great! He loves getting outside and is still happiest when he is in water or when he is eating. He is still SO not into cuddling (insert broken heart emoji here) but I’m hoping that will change as he gets older.

2014-05-26 14.48.15


▪   Being outside. He is so interested in cars passing and grass and birds. It’s an incredible honour to be the one who gets to introduce him to the world and all it has to offer.

2014-05-25 12.18.41

▪   Swimming/water – we just got him a littke backyard kiddie pool and he goes wild splashing and crawling in and out on his own.

2014-05-27 16.38.44

▪   Music – he is really starting to react and love it when we sing to him or play music. Taking after his musician dad on this one (i hope!!!) .

2014-05-17 15.47.05

▪   Dogs – he has taken so much interest in dogs whenever we are around them. Zach and I LOVE dogs but after tragically losing our dog Padme (3 days after I gave birth) we have been holding off on getting another one. It just didn’t feel right until now. So now the search is on for the right dog for us. We are in no rush and trust that the right dog will come our way. We miss our first dog(ter) so much and she will never be replaced but we would love Dex to grow up with a doggy.

Doesn’t Love:

▪   Sleep training. HA!

▪   Sun in his eyes/wearing hats.

▪ Looking at the camera when it’s time to take a picture.

2014-05-18 23.04.48

What I Want to Remember:

▪   He stood on his own mother’s day weekend! So exciting to see him be all cautious and psych himself up and then finally let go. He gets pretty excited and proud of himself when he does it.

▪   His teeth. We have 8 teeth now and his little top teeth killllll me when he smiles. Makes him look like such a big boy.

2014-05-18 09.26.06

▪ His hair is really starting to curl (YESSS)

Looking Forward To:

 ▪   I’m really looking forward to his first birthday. I know, I know. He’s only one. He doesn’t care about a party. All that is totally true but it’s so exciting and fun for me. Even though he is only one, this year deserves a celebration. It’s been the hardest, most amazing, challenging, messy beautiful year of our lives. Not only has Dexter gone from helpless newborn to intelligent, independent, curious baby, but Zach and I have gone from clueless, terrified parents to only sometimes clueless and terrified. haha Kidding, but really so far it has been such an awesome year of growth and I can’t wait to celebrate! I picked a theme and started looking for some cute memorable gifts for him today!

2014-05-26 14.46.11

Thanks for reading xoxoxo B