First Trimester Recap

So I’m past the first trimester, but I thought it would be cool to do a little recap instead of doing weekly updates because the first trimester for me can basically be summed up in 3 words; sick, tired, HUNGRY!

2014-12-15 10.27.30

^ 14 weeks

It felt like my first trimester was only a month long because if you read my last post, you will know that we didn’t find out we were expecting until about 2 months in – which I didn’t mind one bit!

So far this pregnancy has been super different in some ways and exactly the same in others. It has been really fun to look back on my pregnancy updates from last time and compare details.

How it’s different:

Last time I had 13 year old boy acne for like 4 months straight and this time, I’ve maybe had one breakout.

Last time my nausea was just in the morning, this time it has been all day. This time is was also way more intense and although I never threw up there were waaaay too many close calls. I think it might be because this time I change diapers and seeing poop like 4 times a day is about the worst thing ever when you feel nauseous.

This time I had a huge meat aversion. YUCK!

2014-12-04 16.48.15

^ must sleep!

This time I’m craving more citrus/sweet/cold/fresh things, last time it was all pasta and the saltiest things I could get my hands on. Seriously, all I wanted all day was salami (?!?!)

I don’t think I have mentioned it on the blog before, and I’m even a little uncomfortable mentioning it now but, the biggest difference is last time I had (I didn’t even know this was  a thing) pre-natal depression (also called Antenatal depression). I literally got punched in the face with hormones and felt so down and depressed all the time. I know pregnancy brings about a lot of hormones and emotional changes for everyone but I could tell this was something different. I would get so emotional over the most random things my husband said to me and have super bizarre thoughts about things like my marriage and my body. For example, I had gained maybe 3 pounds and I would literally look in the mirror and loathe myself and feel enormous (but in the second trimester when I had gained like way more I felt amazing).  If my husband said anything to thing to me (ie. teasing me about chewing loud – this actually happened) I would cry for like 2 hours and then tell him that if he wanted out now then he was free to go and I was prepared to raise this baby on my own – and I would mean it. I would see that as a real possibility. Like, what in the actual hell right?!! This was so NOT me and I knew it at the time but I couldn’t get myself out of it. Thankfully it passed on it’s own. I can specifically remember the day where I was getting ready for bed at night and I realized “OMG – I didn’t cry today!!!!!!” and then the next day I didn’t cry, and the day after that and I knew it was over. I thank God for my husband’s patience and grace through that first trimester. It was funny because this time around I could tell he was prepared to tread lightly because of the hormone explosion that happened last time, but this time is nothing like that at all. I was so relieved to not have to experience that. Until this I had zero experience with any form of depression. I was always someone who never understood depression, and even now I don’t think I grasp it completely, but after my experience in my first pregnancy I thought to myself ‘I kinda get it.” I’m a little embarrassed to say that  I was a little insensitive about depression before. You can’t just “be happy” or be told “you’re not fat” or “I want to be married to you” – you still don’t believe any of it. Anyway – I’ve never said any of this before haha – but maybe some of you have felt the same. In case you were also wondering, I didn’t experience any post-partum depression after Dex was born.

First Trimester Recap: 

Total weight gain/loss:  I think I gained about 8 lbs in the first trimester. To me it seemed like a lot, but I started at a much lower weight than I did with Dex. I think it was because of nursing. I still haven’t caught up to what I naturally sit at (120) before pregnancy/dex/nursing. I was also eating for like a full family of 4 in the first trimester sooo. I’m currently about 118 and counting ;) (and because someone always asks I’m 5’2″)

Maternity clothes?: None during the first trimester but this week (17 weeks) I decided I’ll need to go get some maternity pants/leggings. Thinking of trying H&M. What are some of your fave maternity brands?

Stretch marks? Nope – doing the whole sweet almond oil thing again. It seemed to work last time.

Sleep: Sleep was so good the first 3 months. I’ve got a baby who sleeps through the night and my bladder can still make it until morning too! I’m dreading this changing!! I slept better with a newborn baby than I did when I was pregnant.

Best moment: Finding out we were pregnant was in the first trimester so I’ll say that. I also love seeing my little bump and taught Dex to say baby and where his and my belly is. The dating ultrasound was also fun…seeing a little bean on the screen is the best!

Miss Anything? Hot yoga, and I probably would have liked a glass of wine over the holidays but nothing really.

Movement: Not in the first trimester but started feeling them December 27th.

Anything make you queasy or sick:  YES! Meat of any kind, baby poo, garbage smell, weird textures, being hungry.

Have you started to show yet:  Yes! I’m much bigger this time around. When you think about Dexter was literally in there 16 months ago so I think my body is just like “I remember how this goes, I’ll just get started now.” I’m about as big at 16 weeks as I was at 23 weeks with Dexter.

Gender prediction: Last time I KNEW! We didn’t find out but I knew beyond a shadow of a doubt that it was a boy. This time I have a feeeeeling but it’s nothing like last time. If I had to guess I would say girl but it’s still like 60/40.

Belly Button in or out? My belly button never went all the way out last time, but this time it’s already well on it’s way.2015-01-07 09.48.55

^ 15 weeks // full disclosure: I make these black and white to try to hide how filthy my bathroom mirror is. I don’t think it’s working. haha. I told you I was tired – no time to clean.

Happy or Moody most of the timeHappy! So much happier than last time!

Preparations for baby: We haven’t done much yet but I have some nursery plans. We will have to move Dex and decorate a toddler room for him too!

Looking forward to: Feeling kicks and Zach being able to feel them too. Also decorating a nursery and toddler room!

2015-01-05 09.42.05

^ today @ 17 weeks

Thanks for reading! I won’t be updating weekly but as much as I can and as things change! I’m also thinking about changing the questions in this update a little, I feel like so many of the answers stay the same every week. Any suggestions??




Baby #2 – How We Found Out!

For my first pregnancy I basically thought I was the first person to ever be pregnant. Just kidding….kind of. It was just all so crazy and new and exciting and the whole thing had to be documented. Now this time around, I am equally excited but I remember feeling like not a lot changed last time from week to week so I’m going to be doing pregnancy updates monthly. Even that feels super ambitions as I sit here exhausted at 11:30pm thinking about how my toddler better not have another 6am wake up!

2014-10-13 16.46.08

(my husband  – the artist ^)

I’m (*checks Baby center app on phone*) 17 weeks so I have a bit of catch up to do but I thought I would start with how we found out!

Lets go back a bit. I knew I wanted more children after I had Dex. I also knew I wanted them to be close in age. But when you are nursing and your baby still feels so little it was hard for me to imagine bringing another baby into the family. My husband was totally ready, but I knew my body needed more time. I needed more time. Around Dex’s first birthday, I started to get a little baby fever. Then we started weaning and he started sleeping through the night and I wasn’t exhausted anymore and I thought “Alright, NOW we can do this.” I was still back and forth from time to time, but I was starting to feel ready. My husband and I talked a lot and decided that we would leave it in God’s hands. We believe that He knows what is best for us and He already knows what and when our family will grow so instead of letting our emotions/hormones/fear dictate we would just let go and trust Him. Well — God was certainly waiting for that “go ahead” (Not that He needs it.)

To give you a bit of a timeline here, Dex turned one on August 19th, we went away for our anniversary around the 25th and AFTER that we decided to start the (what we thought would be) long process of “trying” for another baby. Well – without giving you TMI the doctor estimates that I got pregnant sometime around September 1st.. soooooo super super fast….like first time fast!

I hadn’t gotten my “cycle” back the whole time I was nursing Dexter and even after we started weaning so I had no way of knowing I was “late”. I noticed what felt like period cramping around the end of September. I assumed it was my cycle making it’s way back.  Well – it never came and the cramping continued for about 2 weeks. At this point I am still 100% it’s my period. I heard the first one after pregnancy comes back with a vengeance (sorry, that’s gross) so I just thought it was super drawn out and my body was just finding it’s way back from nursing/pregnancy. I was doing makeup at a wedding with my sister in law on Saturday and she had her baby 4 days before me and was weaning and we got chatting and I told her I think my cycle is going to return because I’ve had period cramps for like 2 weeks. She pretty well instantly told me to take a test.

I bought one the next day (which was Thanksgiving sunday) and asked Zach if he wanted a surprise again or wanted to be there for it. He wanted to do the whole wait 3 minutes and look together thing so we did.

Evidently I assumed I was an old PRO at pregnancy tests (HA) and didn’t read the directions at all because we had literally “tried” maybe 2 times and I am totally, obviously not pregnant! I do my thing and leave the test on the counter. The test has 2 windows – one is the control and always has a line -the other (this is so confusing) has ONE line if you are pregnant and NOTHING if you aren’t pregnant (is that not weird??). I am an idiot and figured it was like a plus or TWO lines if you were pregnant and one if you aren’t. I literally made this up because I was totally NOT pregnant.

2014-10-13 11.16.44

(I know!! It says it RIGHT on it – but I was that sure that I was not pregnant so I think my brain just saw what it saw.)

After 3 minutes we went in and I grabbed the test, saw one line, and like a total know-it-all said “see..negative” Zach looked at it and for a second was like “oh. okay”. At this point ready to walk out of the bathroom and move on (because even when you don’t know what you want or if you are ready – when you take a test you suddenly really want it to be positive) and my husband picked up the test and took a closer look (thank GOD!) and it went like this

Zach: Uhhhhhhhhh………I think…….it’s positive.

Britt: *grabs test* No – one line. Negative.

Zach: No…one line..pregnant..see.

Britt: *Takes a closer look. Hand on mouth. Falls onto toilet.* “OMG, OMG, OMG, OMG OMG……..!!!!!”

Dex sensed our excitement and got all excited too and it was actually such a beautiful moment – the 3 of us all hugging in our tiny little bathroom. It took me like a week to wrap my mind around it. I had no idea when it happened and although it was so much quicker than we anticipated we are so blessed that it wasn’t difficult for us and that we have been entrusted with another baby!

2014-10-14 15.05.04

(Took a second – non-trick test to be sure!)

At our ultrasound we found out we were already 2 months along – which was great because no one likes the first trimester anyway ;)

2014-10-30 15.32.08

When people ask I never know what to say. It was a surprise but we also knew what we were doing and 1+1 = 2
soooo we really shouldn’t have been as shocked as we were. It was an amazing thanksgiving surprise!

Thanks so much for reading! I’ll be posting my first trimester update tomorrow!


Dexter’s One Year Update

2014-08-04 22.27.15This is it! It’s my last monthly update for Dex. It was so fun doing these and I love being able to look back and remember all his little milestones. After this I might just update every 3-5 months as it can be a little repetitive. Thanks so much for following along on Dexter’s first year! I was gonna write a little “One Year Letter” to him on the blog but I started and I couldn’t stop bawling so I just decided to write it down the old fashioned way and save it for just him.
2014-08-03 15.38.30

On to the update! Sidenote: Don’t mind the iphone photos. I wanted this post to be super real and sometimes your fave pics of your kids are the worst quality, blurry, iphone ones. These photos show how I really know him and he is much more himself when I’m not trying to make him pose.

Weight: At his one year appointment he was 22 lbs and has almost lost all his baby rolls! Waaaaahhhh

Sleep: Guys it happened!!!! Dex is officially sleeping through the night!! I think weaning was the main reason. As soon as he started weaning he stopped waking up in the night to eat. I guess a bottle isn’t really worth it for him, at least not as worth it as a boob. We also started to let him cry/fuss for longer periods of time and attempt to put himself to sleep. We did one hard night :( but after that he was good to go. As much as I really miss nursing, I am a new woman now that he sleeps right through!

2014-08-04 13.39.53
2014-08-04 14.11.00 2014-08-04 14.15.05

Eating: He loves food! He ate his whole cake at his bday and honestly eats anything we eat. His favourite foods are pickles (like mama), tomatoes, naan bread, and toast! He doesn’t like peas, broccoli or potato in any form (unless it’s a french fry – don’t judge me).

Clothing: He is in 12-18 month clothing.

Mood:  Honestly he is such a chill boy. He is so easy going and such a happy boy. He is adventurous with some things and super timid with others. He can get frustrated if things aren’t going his way or if he falls or can’t open something. It’s kind of adorable….for now. ;)

2014-08-05 14.59.27

2014-08-10 14.13.22-1 2014-08-10 17.32.57 2014-08-11 12.21.49


  • Reading. He loves books where you lift a flap or feel a texture. He is obsessed with turning pages. You need to speed read through the whole story.
  • Walking – he is soooo over his stroller and wants to walk/run everywhere. It’s fun walking around stores with him just holding hands.
  • Music and Dancing. He just now started to dance. We are a super musical family so we thought he would be grooving sooner than this but now he wont stop. He has one move and it’s basically like a half squat over and over again.
  • When Zach gets home from work. Best time of his whole day!!

2014-08-18 15.45.35

2014-08-18 15.46.46

What I Want to Remember:

Shoot, so much! This whole past year. His birthday. The way he kisses with his mouth wide open. Our nursing journey – since we are just weaning now and I know I will miss this so much. The way he tries to mimic the sound of the kettle after it makes it’s boiling sound. The way he calls anything with fur a dog. His first word “ball”.  Mostly just the little things. Our plain and simple days together. He knows me in my truest form and I’m honestly the most “me” when I’m with him. I pray this continues on for our whole lives together. Ok. No Crying. Next question.

Looking Forward To: 

  • Him getting older and talking more. He’s turning into a little toddler and it’s sometimes hard for me but so exciting!!
  • Being able to play more with him and dance together and make things together.
  • Him becoming a sibling in the future, or us getting a dog. I just love seeing him interact with others!

These are all pics from his actual birthday (not his party) such an awesome day spent just the three of us out in the sun!

2014-08-19 11.42.57

2014-08-19 13.20.11

(twinning – always ^)

2014-08-19 17.36.55 2014-08-19 17.42.03-1

Thanks so much for following along throughout this first year! I have honestly loved blogging all of these little milestones and can’t wait to look back on them for years to come!

xo Britt

7 Month Update

Hey guys! You might notice a new look to my blog! I’m going to be making a few more changes around here, but I’ll post on that tomorrow :) Today (because I’m already 2 days late) I’m posting Dexter’s 7 month update. How much do I suck that my last post was his 6 month update?? Well these new changes will have be blogging more consistently..can’t wait to share. IMG_6355

Bandana bib by Vonbon Apparel HERE

On to the update, so much is new! I can hardly stand how old he is getting. He’s hitting all these milestones and for a second I’ll be super proud of him and then I want to cry because he is becoming so independent. I feel like this should say 10 month update.  Seriously, slow down kid.

Weight: Got weighed last week and he was 20lbs. Grow baby grow. IMG_6660 Sleep: Ahhh sleep. So he is sleeping really well. Taking good naps, sleeping long chunks at night the HUGE problem is getting him down to sleep. We usually rock or nurse to sleep (I know, not for everyone but that’s what works for us right now) but we have noticed that slowly that 10 minute squat session that used to knock him right out has now stretched to almost 30-40min (at least my ass is looking good!). We just can’t spend 40min x 3-4 a day trying to get him to sleep. I don’t think we are ready for full on sleep training of any kind and when I read it it’s all about getting your babe to sleep through the night. Dex usually does about 6:30-7 bedtime, up at about 1:30 then up at 5:30 then up for good around 7:30. So for me waking up 2x a night is not that bad, I don’t mind. We just gotta get this whole going to sleep thing under control and help him learn to put himself to sleep sometimes. 2014-03-14 07.40.41 Eating: Solids are still going well. We are still only doing a meal around dinner time. He hasn’t met a food he doesn’t like yet so that’s good. Baby led weaning has been a bit of a challenge. No matter what I give him he manages to take enormous chunks off and try to immediately swallow. This is probably not a big deal but to me it’s a heart attack every single meal time. We will get there, slow and steady. He’s just such a ravenous eater that he doesn’t know how to not inhale food.

Diapers:  Still cloth diapering. Still size 3 in disposables. New cloth diaper favourites are the Flip system and Bum Genius All-In-Ones. The Flip system has totally changed our cloth diaper lives!

Clothing: He is 9-12 or 6-12 clothing size now. I’ll be showing his Jamaica suitcase sometime in the next 2 weeks where I’ll feature a lot of his new spring clothes! Also, I’m dying over the new summer Baby Gap stuff!! IMG_6576 Mood:  Mood is not so good. He’s been pretty tired lately and I feel like he is cutting a top tooth because he wants to pull his ear right off. (We got him checked for an ear infection and he was all clear) IMG_6354

Bandana Bib by Vonbon HERE

  Loves: ▪   Pulling himself up and crawling. This has changed everything. It is so amazing seeing him crawl and discover things and find ways to climb however, the hardest days of motherhood for me have been since he has become mobile. You quickly realize that your house is a baby death trap and all you wanna do is lock him up but he isn’t having any of that. Being worn? No thanks. High chair? Too restrictive.  The only thing that satisfies him is using my hair and skin as leverage to climb up on me or scaling his change table. Good times. IMG_6537 IMG_6658 ▪   Food – he’s obsessed with eating. I put him in his high chair and he starts crying (because he would rather be on the ground) then, all I need to do is hold up his spoon while I’m standing in the kitchen and he is silent. He knows what’s coming. Silent, mouth open, bring me the food. IMG_6467 ▪   Other babes – We went back home this past weekend for my sisters bachelorette party and he was so interactive with my niece Ivy. (evidently, i didn’t get a pic) They were poking each other and laughing and babbling. I am so fortunate to have had a baby a week away from my sister and my sister in law. I can’t wait for more of this baby interaction. IMG_6574 ▪   Books – he has really stared to love books. The time he will sit with a toy the longest is when its a board book.

  • His family. I love how he doesn’t make strange yet. He loves being with anyone and everyone especially his grandparents and great grandparents! (check out those enormous feet)

IMG_6575 Doesn’t Love: ▪   Teething and everything it involves. ▪   Not being allowed to crawl off the edge of the bed, climb the bookshelf, eat the computer cord etc. I distract him with seflies. IMG_6429 What I Want to Remember: ▪   He crawled! At 6 and a half months he started army crawling, and within less than a week he could full on crawl. It’s insane. We caught it on video which was so awesome! My heart literally explodes with pride watching him discover a new skill. I could see his brain working and trying to move each hand separately until he was inching forward. The craziest thing is that my little baby has free will. If he wants to go somewhere, he goes. If he wants that toy over there, he just crawls over and gets it. Seriously, my heart! IMG_7397 ▪   He also learned to stand up in his crib by pulling himself up. This was around the same time as learning to crawl. Maybe a week later. IMG_6587 ^ we have since lowered the mattress.

▪    Laughs so hard when you tickle his belly. It’s the best.

Last thing – I have been tagged a bunch of times to do the whole no makeup selfie thing (which i think is awesome!!), but I was nervous so Dex was super supportive and did it with me. Here it is – for my blog readers. Real me, real mom life. This is how he knows me. IMG_6630 xox B

He’s SIX months old!

2014-02-19 14.52.44-2

6 months. Half a year. If you’re a mom and you’re reading this I don’t even need to say it but I’m going to anyway. How on earth did this happen? Where did the time go? Wasn’t he just inside? It’s been such a joy watching him grow so far. I honestly am a changed woman since knowing Dexter and I am so beyond blessed to be his mom. I miss having a little baby from time to time but this stage is still my favourite so far!

Update time…

2014-02-12 19.18.56

Weight: No idea. He hasn’t been weighed since his 4 month appointment. I think we go next week. Big. Super big.

2014-02-25 11.53.08

Sleep: Sleep is going well. Dex is getting awesome at putting himself to sleep. Like most babies he sleeps through the night one night and the next he is up 4 times.  Good times Dex. Currently he’s in bed around 730pm and still wakes at 12am and 5am. We’re getting there. His naps are 9:30 and 1 and sometimes a short nap at 4. I’m thinking about posting our daily schedule on here if anyone is interested.

2014-02-28 17.34.46

Eating: We started solids! It’s been going so well. This babe loves to eat! He is still nursing frequently but enjoying some solids for dinner around 5:30. He loves sweet potato, egg yolk, avocado, and banana.

2014-03-02 17.21.49

Diapers:  Still cloth diapering. Still loving it. We have changed some of our cloth diaper routine lately and it’s working even better than before. When he wears disposable diapers (for travel) he is a size 3 and we have been using The Honest Company.

2014-02-25 12.03.14

Clothing: He wears 6-12 or 9-12 month clothing now. I just did a ton of shopping with my mom for Dex for Jamaica and I can’t wait to see him in all his summer clothes. I’m going to be doing a post on things we bought for Jamaica. Preparing for a trip to Jamaica has been so fun, if I’m not careful buying things for Dex to wear in Jamaica will end up costing me more than the trip. No really.

2014-02-22 13.52.02

Sweater – Baby Gap HERE / Bandana Bib Vonbon HERE / Moccs Freshly Picked HERE

Mood:  He has been in the best mood lately. He is curious and always smiling. He loves attention (especially from the ladies) and is happiest in the mornings! He is such a thinker and it doesn’t take long for him to catch on to something new. He is generally pretty laid back like his Dad. :)

2014-02-22 17.01.20


▪   Trying to crawl. Forget the exersauser or jolly jumper or even being held. If this kid isn’t on the ground he is not happy. He is so close to crawling it scares me. He can get into the all fours position and bounce his little booty up and down. He can also do like a downward dog position right up on his hands and tip toes.

▪   Pureed Foods – As I mentioned we started some solids and he has been loving it. Can’t get it into his mouth fast enough!

▪   Swimming – We took him swimming for the first time and it was awesome. Mostly because he wore little baby swim trunks! I died.  Here’s a little peek. Ignore my running mascara, I had no idea he would be able to soak me with his splashing.

2014-02-16 18.49.13-1

▪   Babbling – he is getting so much more vocal and trying out new sounds every day. He always has Zach and I laughing with the weird noises he makes.

Doesn’t Love:

▪   Teething and everything it involves.

▪   Not being on the ground

▪   Being still – he is becoming so so active. He is not much of a snuggler and that kind of breaks my heart but I also love and embrace that he is a busy boy looking for adventure and wanting to be active all the time. I guess it makes the snuggly moments more sweet.

2014-02-28 09.08.37

What I Want to Remember:

▪   Got his second tooth at 26 weeks. Took it like a champ. WAY better than first tooth.

2014-02-18 09.05.04

▪   Took him for his first swim on family day (25 weeks). We wanted to start some little family day traditions and we thought swimming would be fun. We went to the Y and they have an awesome kiddie pool. Dex loved it! He splashed so much and didn’t want to get out. I love that he has no fear of the water.

▪    He learned to sit up on his own. I still hang close by just incase he face plants but he has got it down.  It totally freaks me out when I look over and he’s just sitting playing with his toys!

▪   He has started sleeping on his tummy every time. The first time he slept on his belly was his longest sleep ever and since that day I don’t think he has ever slept on his back again. He gets his bum up in the air and wedges both arms underneath his body like he is all swaddled.

▪   He learned to roll back to front. Thank God. We used to have to roll him once he got frustrated on his tummy but now he just rolls back on his own. Downside: he goes from back to tummy, back to tummy until he has rolled clear across our entire living room. No more leaving him alone on the floor while I do anything haha.

Thanks so much for reading guys! Means so much to me!

2014-02-18 09.06.05

How old does he look in this pic!?! My heart explodes.



Dexter’s 5 Month Update


I’m back and my baby isn’t sick anymore. Honestly – Hallelujah!! Having a sick baby was the most physically and emotionally draining experience since becoming a mom. I always felt anxious or helpless or guilty. Dex had a bad cold (RSV) for about a month and while, we are fortunate that was all it was, the first time your baby gets sick is a scary experience.  Anyway, we pretty much stayed inside and snuggled most of the time. This past week was the first time we got out socially in a long time and it felt so good!

Dex is 5 months old now and more fun than ever. Here is his monthly update just incase anyone was interested. :)

(sorry in advance for all the blurry photos – this baby is getting too wiggly to take a photo of and have it still be in focus)


Weight: 18lbs 9oz (I think hope he slowed down a little bit since being sick, or maybe just getting older, he is getting impossible to lift in his car seat)


Sleep: OH goodness!! This used to be going so well until he got sick. Between me being paranoid about his breathing and….okay mostly me being paranoid about his breathing (seriously, it sounded like he was breathing through a pinhole) we gave in and moved him back into our room. Then he was feeling better so we moved him back to his crib, then he cut a tooth. It’s so funny because from about 3 months Dex was drooling a lot and chewing a lot and I was always like “oh he must be teething” now that he is actually teething I feel like an idiot for thinking THAT was teething. Teething has turned our easygoing babe into a little monster. Honestly, my heart breaks for him because it seems quite painful but I barely recognize this kid. So he started waking up almost every hour and refused to nurse or go back to sleep. He would just wake up and cry until he fell back asleep, which usually took about 25-45 minutes. That was hard – too hard. So I brought him back into our room and he is sleeping a bit better again. Going to try him back in the crib again tonight.


Eating: Still nursing well. He has been showing some interest in our food so we are planning on starting him on some solids soon.


Diapers:  Dex is still in cloth diapers. My cloth diaper post is DONE and I’ll be posting it soon! Just wanted to get this update up on time. We tried out diapers by the Honest Company for travel and overnight and we LOVED them. By a long shot our favorite disposable diapers (they’re almost too cute to use). We love Seventh Generation diapers as well but they don’t have cute patterns so the choice is obvious.  We also tried the Honest wipes and love them too! So glad this company delivers to Canada now!

Clothing: Dex is into pretty much all 9-month clothing. Some random 6-month stuff fits him but once it’s washed it’s too tight so I’ve been buying him all 9 month to make sure it fits for a while. Right now I’m loving him in leggings, chunky sweaters, graphic tees and puffy vests. I still can’t find shoes that fit him.




Mood:  To be honest, he’s pretty miserable. This teething thing is kicking both our butts. He has moments of being chill but they are short lived.


▪   Exersaucer – This thing is the best. He could stand in it all day. We have a farm animal one and he just stands there trying to get every piece into his mouth.

▪   Me singing – I don’t sing. My family is super musical but I am brutal. Like hurt your ears brutal but I have been finding that Dex is soothed/distracted by me singing him to sleep so I’ve been doing that. I know the day is going to come where he realizes that I’m terrible and says “mom, stop singing” but for now he’s loving it. Some of my go tos are “Just Can’t Wait to be King”, “Skinny Love” and anything by Copeland.


▪   His Soother – FINALLY this kid takes a soother. We have been gently trying to get him to like a soother since day one and just now has he shown interest. He likes the Soothies brand.

Jolly Jumper – he’s obsessed. It’s almost dangerous how he rips around.


▪   His feet – I have to hold his legs down when changing him because as soon as the socks are off he must grab his feet. Him lying on his back holding both feet is probably my favorite thing this month.


Doesn’t Love:

▪   Teething and everything it involves.

What I Want to Remember:

▪   Him learning to grab his toes. Happened on Christmas day while I was changing his diaper

▪   Got his first tooth at 21 weeks. So sharp and cute.

▪   Got his high chair this week too. He can sit in it by himself and loves being up at our level.


▪    His first cold was at about 19 weeks and lasted until now. Not fun but something to remember.

▪   Him in the bath – No, this is my favorite thing of the month. We have started filling the big bath with an inch or 2 of water and laying him in it on his back. (Don’t worry we have a hand on him the whole time.) He LOVES this. I have never seen him go so wild. He flails and splashes and laughs. The bathroom floor pretty much gets soaked but it’s so worth it. When we take him out of the bath he just stares back at it longing to go back in. We gotta get this kid swimming he adores the water.

There you have it. 5 months with this little babe. It scares the crap out of me that my next update will be 6 months..half a year!!!?? NOO!!



38 Week Update

IMG_2004 Last week (monday) marked 37 weeks/full term with this little babe. I know I say it every time, and that every mom ever has said the exact same thing but, time has never gone faster. I cannot believe we are 2 weeks away from our due date and who knows how long away from actually meeting our little one. The baby showers are done, the nursery is (pretty much) ready and now. we. wait.

This is what we do like every day. Is it me or is a man setting up baby gear exceptionally attractive? Mmmm!

IMG_2001 I had my second baby shower (in my hometown) and it was amazing. My mom and sister did such an amazing job planning it and it was perfect – Thank you to everyone who attended! Baby Havens says thanks for all the love! :)

My sister and I at my baby shower! She is due August 29th! IMG_1869 Mom and me (and Padme) IMG_1863 I am officially on mat leave and loving every second of it. I thought I might get bored but so far there has been so much to do. I am enjoying all the preparing and nesting and spending some time with friends and family before Baby Havens arrives. I feel so blessed to live in a country that gives us so much time off to spend with our babies in their first year. Woo Canada!

One of the things we have yet to do is to name this baby. We don’t know the gender of  the baby so we must prepare a boy’s name and a girl’s name. Our boy’s name is decided and a secret (for now). I really want to tell everyone, but a few people I told had some super strong opinions about the name we choose and it made me feel less confident in our decision. I think it’s one of those things that people will say to your face before the baby is born but once it’s out and named they just say it behind your back. Which I am totally cool with the latter. I know not everyone is going to love the names we pick, I just want to be able to come at it from a neutral and personal point of view instead of worrying about what everyone else will think of the name.

This brings me to our girl name. Or lack thereof. We are really stuck on this one. If this baby was born tomorrow and it was a girl, it would be un-named for like 4 days. (is that even allowed?) So I come to you, blog readers, for some suggestions. Here is the criteria. Has to be easy to spell, and it can’t be in the top like…..50-100. Please drop all your suggestions in the comment box below. We are getting desperate.

Update time? Sure!

How far along? 38 Weeks, full term! woo.

Total weight gain/loss:  28 lbs of pure baby Havens, okay and ice cream, and salt and vinegar chips…..

Maternity clothes?: At this point its all maxi dresses. My maternity tights aren’t even comfortable anymore. Too much tightness on the uterus.

Stretch marks? Not yet, this skin is crazy tight though so I’m sure I won’t get away unscathed. It’s just now getting itchy too.

Sleep: Sleep still sucks. Even though it has cooled down a lot here I still wake up a ton at night to go pee or roll over. Rolling over is like a 5 minute process each time so that keeps me pretty busy. I keep thinking to myself “I can’t wait until I’m not pregnant so I can finally get a good nights sleep” and then I remember that I’m having a BABY and that taking 5 minutes to roll over is gonna seem like a walk in the park in a couple weeks.

Best moment this week: One of my best friends Natalie had her baby shower this weekend which I had the pleasure of co-hosting! That was so fun! We also had a birthing class which was amazing and incredibly informative for Zach and me. It gave us so much more confidence and understanding about the whole process. Also we got our car seat and installed it in the car! Things are getting REEEAL!!

Miss Anything? Sleeping through a whole night, wearing pants.

Movement: Yes, since my last update the baby has been moving a lot more. It also has been getting hiccups about 2 times a day. That’s my absolute favourite, I never want it to end.

Anything making you queasy or sick: No :)

Have you started to show yet:  Heck yes! The last month has been crazy. I literally look and feel bigger every day. I have measured right on track for this whole pregnancy and now in the last month my belly is measuring almost 2 weeks ahead of schedule!!

Gender prediction: Gosh, I don’t know. You all know I think it’s a boy but there are days, most days, where just like anyone else I have no idea.

Labor Signs:  Maaaaybee- I don’t know. Occasionally I will have the odd low aches that remind me of period cramps but nothing really yet. Any day now would be awesome!

Belly Button in or out? Out-ish

Wedding rings on or off? On. Mamas, did everyone leave their rings on for labor/delivery? Or did you take them off?

Happy or Moody most of the timeFor some reason it was a super hormonal week. I cried like way more than usual and then woke up with like 4 breakouts this morning so must have just been a hormone surge or something. I guess this week a little moody ;)

Weekly WisdomA friend of mine said something to me (well she typed it) about having her new baby. She said “It’s so good and so hard and the BEST thing ever” This has literally stayed with me all week. Such a comforting and seemingly accurate description of what I’m about to get myself into.

Looking forward to: Meeting our baby! Thanks so much for reading! B